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Yogini Kaliji on Being in the Flow

Being in the Flow

Vegetarian USA

When the mind is quiet, the breath rhythmical and the body relaxed one can feel the deep connection with our soul consciousness. It is in this connection that we feel the unlimited healing power of the universal life energy.



Yogini Kaliji on Art & Science of Yogaflow

Art & Science of  Yogaflow®

Australian Yoga Magazine

Yogini Kaliji on Meditation

Meditation Doesn’t Take Time, It Gives Time

How many of us spend more time designing our home than our own mind? In our home, we can move one piece of furniture here and one piece there and get things into place temporarily. There may come a time when we want to change everything and start fresh.  


Yogini Kaliji on Community on the Path

hOMe – Community on the Yoga Path

The nature of the atman or soul is sat cit ananda, pure consciousness, highest knowledge, and bliss absolute. When one acts according to higher knowledge, the guidance of universal energy reveals dharma, purpose in life. With higher knowledge reflected in the mind, one feels at hOMe anywhere.



Yogini Kaliji Moscow 2012

Interview with Russian Yoga Digest

Q  What is unique about Kali Ray TriYoga?

This is for each person who practices to feel for themselves. TriYoga is founded through kriyavati siddhi. This is not only unique but rare. TriYoga is a complete yoga method.


Yogini Kaliji Interview

Interview with Malaysian Yoga Magazine

Q Why did you choose yoga as your career?

Yoga is my very breath. It has been with me since birth. As early as my memories go back, I was experiencing various yoga disciplines from within. These direct experiences bring students to learn yoga. Therefore, the thought of yoga as a career never entered my mind.


Yogini Kaliji Interview

“The Princess of Yoga” by Yoga Aktuell

Q Practicing TriYoga, what is the effect?

The effects manifest on all levels including physical, mental, and spiritual. Effects include improved health, increased life energy, mental clarity, intuitive knowledge, and blissful happiness.  The practice of TriYoga culminates in higher levels of awareness.


Yogini Kaliji Interview

Interview ~

TriYoga is Purna Yoga. Under the umbrella of TriYoga the various branches of yoga sadhana are included. It includes systematized asana (posture), pranayama (breathing practices), and dharana (concentration techniques) from Basics to Level 7, and over 1000+ hasta mudras (hand gestures). With this preparation and support, along with the various expressions of nada yoga, meditation emerges.

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