Yogini Kaliji in Munich, Germany

///Yogini Kaliji in Munich, Germany


Yogini Kaliji began a European tour on March 28 with programs in Munich, Germany. The weekend featured open workshops, held at the iYoga studio, followed by weekday Level 3–4 workshops at TriYoga Center Munich.

The weekend program was attended by nearly 50 students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Croatia.

Classes at iYoga included TriYoga Therapeutics, all-levels flows, and prana vidya.

Students enjoyed individual attention from Yogini Kaliji. Pictured here are Kathrin (left), director of TYC Bad Tölz, and Pamela (right) who is 5 months pregnant.


Sophie-Christine, daughter of Basics intern Tina, is the youngest student at TYC Bad Tölz. She flowed beautifully through the 3 hour session.


Yogini Kaliji with Kala, daughter of Italy TriYoga teacher Kateryna Bilyk. Kala’s father Bala has known Yogini Kaliji since he was 18 years old.


Katyerna (center) with her students Pamela and Patrick from Italy. This was Pamela and Patrick’s first time meeting Yogini Kaliji.


TriYoga teacher Renate from Opatija, Croatia attended with two of her students.


The weekday Level 4 program attracted a core group of experienced TriYoga students, as well as some new to the intermediate levels.

Each session included practice with a single Air 108 series, plus additional Level 3–4 flows. The focus on one series enabled students to continue their Level 4 practice after the program ended.


Yogini Kaliji, assistants and the group from Italy enjoying an evening walk.


There are many delicious vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Munich! Pictured here are amazing desserts from the all-vegan restaurant Max Pett.


TriYoga Center director and Level 3 teacher Beate organized the entire event.


Yogini Kaliji was assisted in Munich by (left to right) Mitra Deva, John, Santoshi, and Eva-Maria.


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