TriYoga with Yogini Kaliji in Boston

//TriYoga with Yogini Kaliji in Boston

Yogini Kaliji traveled to TriYoga Boston for a weekend program of Basics, Earth, and Water Yogaflow workshops and a Vegan Potluck.

Students attended Kaliji’s programs from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, and even Vienna, Austria. TriYoga Boston is a center for TriYoga Therapeutics, and many of the local students and teachers have amazing stories of healing and rehabilitation through TriYoga. One student was able to stop all medications for depression and said “I started yoga for the ‘neck down’ but soon realized I was getting most of the benefits from the neck up!

TriYoga Boston is a non-profit organization, supported in part by donations.

TYC director Brahmi and her husband Ira, both accomplished vegan cooks, were Kaliji’s hosts for the weekend as well as for a dinner party on Saturday night and the potluck on Sunday. In celebration of Hannukah, which ended on Sunday, each evening meal began with the lighting of candles and a traditional song.

Ira is a gifted jeweler and artist, and made these exquisite ankle bracelets for Kaliji.  They feature 7 colored gems representing the cakras, and diamonds at each point.  Ira is co-founder of  The Touch jewelers, and creates special jewelry for TriYoga, including the Sri Cakra medallion, TriYoga logo and Padas pendant necklaces.  Kaliji was very ‘touched’ to receive this exquisite gift.

Ira also made many of the vegan desserts.  Ekaterina assisted in the kitchen and featured the recipe for Ira’s Pear Almond Tart on her blog Magic Green Kitchen. English version coming soon!

Brahmi and Ira’s dog Tovi delights all with his cleverness—he can do puzzles!

Kaliji also visited Daniel Orlansky’s teacher training group and shared a powerful and illuminating talk on topics including cakras and nadis, and the essential first step on the yoga path: ahimsa lifestyle and vegan diet.

En route to the airport, Kaliji stopped to visit Brahmi’s mother.
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