Yogini Kaliji at Inside Yoga Conference in Frankfurt, Germany

///Yogini Kaliji at Inside Yoga Conference in Frankfurt, Germany

Yogini Kaliji’s recent three-country tour began October 31–November 2 at the Inside Yoga Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. This was Kaliji’s second time at the Inside Yoga Conference, attending for the first time last October. Conference organizer Young Ho, from Inside Yoga studio in Frankfurt, gathers a very diverse group of presenters at the conference—he recognizes Kaliji for her “authenticity.”

Kaliji taught four classes over the conference weekend: Water, Earth, and Fire flows and Art and Science of Yogaflow. Students included TriYoga teachers and students from Germany and Austria, plus many conference attendees who were new to TriYoga.

While in Frankfurt, Yogini Kaliji made a number of visits to the studios and homes of local TriYoga teachers.

Kailji visited TriYoga Center Hanau, where director Corrina had her students to meet Kalilji. Afterward, Corrina and her family provided a lovely meal for Kaliji and the traveling group. Corinna also attended some of Kaliji’s programs at the conference, flowing and providing assistance.

TriYoga Teacher and author Christiane Wolff is also a regular presenter at the Inside Yoga Conferences. On Saturday night Yogini Kaliji visited her “Flowing Om” studio in Frankfurt, where a full house of Christiane’s students had gathered for chanting and Q & A. Following the studio visit, there was a fantastic vegan meal at a neighboring restaurant, prepared by the chef especially for the group.

Following the final program on Sunday afternoon, Yogini Kaliji and the tour group visited the home of TriYoga teacher Stephanie and her husband Axel for a home-cooked vegan meal. Stephanie, Axel and their daughter are pictured below, along with the tour group of Santoshi (USA), Mitra Deva (Germany) and Ekaterina (Austria). Tour member John is—as usual—the photographer!



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