Yogaville ~ Oct 16-18

///Yogaville ~ Oct 16-18

Oct 16-18, Kaliji gave a TriYoga retreat at Yogaville. Spanning over 700 acres on the James River in Buckingham County, Virginia, Yogaville is a spiritual retreat center.

On the first day, Kaliji was given a tour of Yogaville. The vast acreage is surrounded by panoramic views such as this one. The magestic Blue Ridge Mountains are seen in the background.

Fifty students attended the program. Some were new to TY, others more experienced, but all enjoyed flowing together.

Shown here, TY teacher Theresa, owner of the TY Center of Central PA, assisted in class. Other assistants were Gita from PA, Gabrielle from VA and Ganga from FL.

At the beginning of one of the Saturday sessions, TY student Surya sang the Gayatri Mantra and one by Kabir, a mystic poet and saint who lived in India in the 15th century. Surya’s exceptional voice and heartfelt singing drew all into a meditative state, with smiles on their faces.

At the end of each session, Mercury chanted mantras during yoga nidra, prana vidya and meditation.

Each evening there was satsanga, which included a talk by Kaliji and Chant Club with Kaliji and Mercury.

Saturday was the celebration of Divali, the Day of Lights. This holiday takes place on a new moon in Oct/Nov and in India it is celebrated by the lighting of many lamps. It honors Laksmi, the energy of prosperity. In India, families clean their houses, balance checkbooks and generally get organized prior to this holiday.

In her talk, Kaliji said that we should remember that the main light we are to light up is our inner light. This day is the time to balance our inner checkbook, look at our qualities, and bring awareness to which ones we want to develop and which ones to leave behind.

The Divali message was followed by a talk on Mudra and Chant Club.

After the program, those in the audience were full of appreciation and excitement. Some would simply say: “I am absolutely speechless! Thank you so much, Swamini Kaliji.”

Chant Club was received with lots of singing and dancing and tons of applause.

Following the program at Yogaville on Sunday, Kaliji drove to Norfolk, VA, and the home of TY teacher Gabrielle, where she will teach programs for two days.

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