Yoga Yatra ~ Dec 8

On Dec 8, Kaliji gave 2 programs in different areas of Mysore. The first program was at JSS Junior College.

Decorations at the college on the day of Kaliji’s visit

Eight hundred students attended this session

As requested in all locations, Kaliji was asked to speak on and demonstrate mudras. The adults love them as much as the kids!

The afternoon program was at JSS High School, in Saraswathipuram, where another 800 students attended the program.

Kaliji demonstrates classic mudras in her talk on ‘Mudras through the Ages’.

Demonstration of TY flows for the attentive group

With some of the eager students following the presentation

Kaliji is always surrounded by happy ones after her talks ~ many wanting to ask a question, share a story, or have one last moment with Kaliji before her departure.

Also on this day, Kaliji met another little one who has recently arrived to join the TY family ~ baby Adi. Adi is the son of Shreedhar and Nalini, close devotees of Kaliji who live in Mysore. Many who have traveled to India with Kaliji have met them, as they always generously invite Kaliji and group to their home.

Shreedhar’s father, Shreedhar and Kaliji holding baby Adi, and Nalini

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