Yoga Yatra ~ Dec 7

On Dec 7th began the Triyoga Vidya Yatra 3rd – 2009, organized by the respected Dr Raghavendra Pai from the VedaVyasa Institute. There will be two programs per day at various educational institutions.

The first event for this yatra was at JSS High School in Lakshmipuram, Mysore. This is also the first JSS education institute, founded by Sri Dr. Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji.

Under the umbrella of JSS, there are over 350 schools for various levels and topics, where a child can begin its education in the kindergarten and proceed to earn up to a doctorate degree in several branches of learning.

During this morning session, 500 students attended Kaliji’s program.

Children everywhere love the mudras!

In the afternoon Kaliji visited the JSS Balijagath in Vidyapeetha, Mysore, where 700 students attended the progam.

The children loved learning the mudras. Children everywhere ask to see and learn to do them.

Dr Raghavendra Pai, Doctor in Sanskrit
He has a remarkable ability to inspire children through yoga, singing, and mantra.

The article with Kaliji also appeared in the Star of Mysore newspaper ~ this introductory paragraph was followed by a longer article.

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