Yoga Yatra ~ Dec 15

On Monday, Kaliji gave an evening program at the JSS College of Nursing in Mysore.

From left: Bharati (President), Kaliji, Dr Raghavendra Pai and Sri Mukesh

Kaliji lights the lamp to begin the program.

Kaliji’s introductory talk was perfectly suited to the 200 nursing students in attendance. She related that they are there training to care for others – those in the most need: those with health problems. She spoke about how research shows that nurses have a major effect on patients, that they are present for the patients and come from the heart with compassion.

From this introduction, Kaliji shared various practical techniques to harmonize the body and mind such as the pure sattvic vegetarian diet, Sun Moon Breath, mudra and asana.

She concluded with the Devi Dance TriYoga Prasara demonstation.

The audience was enthusiastic and burst into applause at the program’s end.

The principal of the school Dr (Mrs) Bharti M, Ph.D. and others graciously hosted Kaliji and her assistants.

Kasturi, a nationally-viewed Karnataka TV station, taped some of Kaliji’s presentation at the nursing school. They will return for an interview with Kaliji.

Also, seen here is a photo from the daily newspaper Vijaya Karnataka, showing Kaliji at the Udupi program.

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