Yoga Yatra ~ Dec 14

On Monday, Kaliji gave a program in the village of Barkur, in the Udupi region of Southern India. It was said that Barkur had 365 temples, the remains of many of which can be seen still.

The area that Barkur is located is on the border of Kerala, called “God’s Country” due to the tropical lush beauty. En route, they passed many bridges with fantastic visual beauty. Nature at its best…

The Indian hospitality is unmatched. Everywhere they have traveled, they have enjoyed many meals in family homes. It seems effortless as the families prepare vegan meals for everyone. Here is seen one of Dr. Raghavendra Pai’s yoga books being released.

The program was held at the National Rotary Hall, attended by 67 yoga and physical education teachers. Through them, thousands of students will hear Kaliji’s message.

Each event begins with the lighting of the lamp.

After the lamp ceremony, the guests are introduced.

Kaliji gave a talk that included the kosas, importance of the vegetarian and vegan diet, self-inquiry, positive thoughts for the mind, asana as a tool to awaken kundalini, and mudra to focus the body and mind. All of these themes emphasized how we need something for the body, mind and spirit for a complete yoga.

Kaliji taught several mudra sequences to the enthusiastic participants. The assistants demonstrated and helped everyone experience the mudras. There was also a powerpoint demonstration of 108 Devi Mudras that came through Kaliji through the power of kriyavati siddhi.

Kaliji gave a demonstration, accompanied by Dr. Pai, as he does throughout the programs, leading the participants in call-and-response Sanskrit prayers and mantra. Everyone watched with calm and completely fascinated concentration. At the conclusion, the audience stood in unison and gave a standing ovation.

Kaliji concluded with a humerous talk that included principles of yogaflow and then a Q and A. The questions led to Kaliji sharing about her self inquiry in childhood, and then later how she met her Guru, Sri Swamiji.

The yoga teachers all had their photos taken with Kaliji.

There were so many yoga teachers to be in the photo, that they were taken in 2 groups.

The program organizers

There is always someone, or a family, asking to take photos together ~ always a delightful experience.

While in the area, they visited Shringeri, a picturesque town that is steeped in spiritual history. Adi Guru Shankaracharya, one of the world’s greatest philosopers and spiritual leaders, founder of Advaita non-dualism, established his southern spiritual center here. Sri Malahanikareshwara Temple, built in the ancient Dravidian style, is in the center of town. There are innumerable ancient temples in and around Shringeri.

The ashrama of Jagadguru Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi Sabhabhavan

Shringeri is situated on the holy river Tunga. The river is densely populated with large beautful leaping fish, considered sacred.

Many fish come and practically take the food from your hands. No fishing is allowed there.

Afterwards, when Kaliji went to the jeep to depart, this elephant came walking by. Suddenly, the elephant extended his trunk into the car and blessed Kaliji’s crown cakra with an affectionate touch.

As they drove through the night to return to Mysore, various animals appeared. They saw several bison.

En route back, Kaliji received a call from a tv station, requesting an interview from Udupi, but they had already left. Upon arrival to Mysore, Kaliji received word that the local press will go to see her there.

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