Yoga Yatra ~ Dec 13

On Sunday, Kaliji was invited to speak at the Paryaya Sri Puthige Sri Krishna Math in Udupi.

The banner announcing the TriYoga Vidya Yatra features Swamini Kaliji’s name in red.

Kaliji speaks with Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

With Dr. Aralu Mallige Parthasarathi (left) and Sri Sugunendra Theertha (center). Dr Parthasarathi is a well-known Sanskrit scholar.

Dr. Parthasarathi gave an outstanding introduction of Kaliji. He introduced her as the only mudra master in the world. He will offer a discourse on the Bhagavad Gita for TriYoga students next year.

With Dr. Parthasarathi

Kaliji demonstrates a flow of mudras.

Kaliji offered 2 sessions ~ here, she does a demonstration in the first session.

Dr. Pai chants during the demonstration of yogaflow

Dr R Pai introduced Swamini Kaliji at each event. Dr Pai has trained more than 1500 yoga teachers. He was at the respected Dharmastala for 18-years overseeing yoga programs and conferences. In his young 20’s he represented India in a competition for concentration. In London he was announced #1 for holding concentration for over 15 minutes.

Always a child comes forth to learn mudra.

Attendees gather around Kaliji afterwards.

Scenes from Udupi ~

Sri Durga Temple, devoted to Kannika Durga. The hills in background look like “kunjara” (elephant), for which the place is known as “kunjaragiri”.

The guru at the temple is Shree Vadiraja Yathigalavaru.

Visting the ashrama of Shri Madhvacharya, who was the founder of the Dvaita school of Vedanta (dualism). These tombs represent previous gurus in this lineage.

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