Yoga Yatra ~ Dec 12

On Saturday, Kaliji was in Alike, at Prema Kuteera Ashrama ~ Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust (Alike Section). She taught 2 sessions there, with over 800 students attending.

Morning chanting at the ashrama

Kaliji takes her place in front of the assembled group of students in the first session.

Penguin during the demonstration

Each session, the ever so positive Dr. Raghavendra Pai introduces Kaliji. His Masters degree in Sanskrita and Ph.D in Yoga Philosophy is apparent as he effortlessly chants slokas and leads bhajans. Here, Dr. Pai introduces Kaliji to the second group of students.

Kaliji does a demonstration for the second group, with a slideshow of the Devi mudras behind.

Kaliji with professors and management team from the school.

Kaliji visits with long time disciples at the ashrama. They were very interested in the mudras and told Kaliji to feel that the ashrama is her home and return there each time she visits. They were amazed by her youthful appearance.

Kaliji and Dr. Pai with the President of the school, Gangadhara B Bhatta (on Kaliji’s left) and yoga teacher Ananda Shatty (far right).

In between programs, they saw a performance of Yakshagana. Yakshagana is an art form that combines dance, song and acting. This stunning dramatic performance was based on the story of Krishna, yet the actors could improvise and subtly add current events within the ancient story. The background of haunting narration was in song. Costumes and dance were of highest quality.

After the school programs, they departed for Upudi, where Sunday’s programs will be held. On the way, they stopped at Sri Gurudevadatta Samsthanam, a Dattatreya ashrama run by Sri Gurudevananda Swamiji. The ashrama is in Odiyoor (near Alike in Vadeyuru Kshetra), in Dakshina Kannada bordering on Kerala.

The ashrama features the life story of Dattatreya depicted visually on the walls.

Dattatreya with Panca Hanuman behind.

Kaliji with Dattatreya

Kaliji makes friends everywhere!

Maxim, TY teacher from Moscow, is the main photographer on this Yatra.

They visited this particular ashrama, as Dr. Pai is very well-known in this area. Here, Dr. Pai visits with the swami.

Sri Gurudevananda Swamiji

The swami showed them his meditation caves beneath the ashrama.

Hallway in the caves

Scenes around the ashrama

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