Yoga Yatra ~ Dec 10

On Thursday, Kaliji visited the Mahajana First Grade College in Mysore. It originally began as a women’s college and later became a coeducational institution.

At left is the Principal of the school, Prof. K .V Prabhakara; he very much enjoyed Kaliji’s visit. At right, Dr. Pai is introducing Kaliji and speaking about TriYoga.

She spoke to 100 professors here, giving a presentation on mudra and then teaching them a Daily 5 practice.

Each presentation begins with an inspiring yoga message, before continuing on to more specific topics.

Presentation on mudra

Purnima works in public relations at the college, and was thrilled to meet Kaliji.

In the evening, Kaliji was interviewed by two reporters for the main magazine in Karnataka, Vijaya Karnataka. Vijaya Karnataka is the most widely-circulated Kannada newspaper in Karnataka, with a circulation of over 700,000 copies.

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