World Yoga Day TriYoga Classes with China Yoga Online

///World Yoga Day TriYoga Classes with China Yoga Online

To celebrate World Yoga Day on June 21, China Yoga Online magazine conducted around-the-clock online classes on two separate internet streams. TriYoga was well represented with FOUR classes during the event taught by Yogini Kaliji, senior teacher trainer John, and Chinese teachers Kiki and Ma Mei.

Yogini Kaliji delivered her class from the United States, and Kiki taught from Shenzhen, China. John and Ma Mei were in Beijing for the “Follow Your Heart” Yoga Conference, so they traveled to the China Yoga Online headquarters in the mountains outside of Beijing and taught their classes there.

The China Yoga Online headquarters was the first yoga retreat center in China, founded in the 1990s. Kiki taught a retreat there in June 2014, and China Yoga Online is a big fan of TriYoga. The staff are mostly young people who are did a wonderful job to coordinate so many teachers and classes worldwide to make the event possible.

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Sha Jin (right) is the founder and director of China Yoga Online. He interviewed Yogini Kaliji for the magazine during the 2014 Yoga Conference in Asia (Hong Kong). Ma Mei and Sisi were great hosts for John during the event, and Sisi provided wonderful translation.

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