World Vegan Day Celebrated in Vienna

///World Vegan Day Celebrated in Vienna

November 1 was World Vegan Day, and TriYogis in Vienna celebrated with a live-food class and meal. Led by TY teacher Mitradeva from Berlin, students prepared (and ate!) soup, salad, veggie rolls, and dessert.

TY teacher Peter, director of the TriYoga Center Vienna, chops vegetables for the salad.

Ushi prepares avocado to garnish the salad. Ushi has been vegetarian since she was a small child, as she never liked to/could eat animal bodies. She was very happy to discover raw vegan cooking recipes. She told the group that her body feels great after having tried raw vegan meals.

Zuzana juliennes carrots for the veggie rolls.

TY teacher Larissa and son Kiran taste the delicious live pea soup.

Beginning in January, TYI will offer a series of online sessions on the vegan diet. Topics will include transitioning to a vegan diet, “veganizing” favorite recipes, live foods, fast and easy recipes, ongoing support in daily life, and more. Please contact TYI to suggest topics or submit questions to be answered. Details on the sessions will be available soon!

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