Wiltshire ~ Crop Circles

///Wiltshire ~ Crop Circles

June 9-11, Kaliji went to Wiltshire, which is the central area for crop circles in England. It is an area of high spiritual energy, and includes the crop circles, Stonehenge and the Avebury stone circles.

Kaliji visited a new crop circle formation that had appeared on June 1. This was one of the most spectacular formations, which symbolized the first 10 digits of the numeral pi, even having a decimal point in the right place within the digits.

Kaliji approaches the formation…


and begins to walk through the circle.

In the circle

The formation from a distance

On the 2004 trip to Wiltshire, Kaliji met Michael Glickman, world-renowned crop circle researcher who lives in the area. While Michael and Kaliji were talking on Monday evening, Michael received the call that a new crop circle formation had appeared. Michael brought Kaliji to formation of June 1.

Learn more about Michael at http://michaelglickman.co.uk and read his blog “Wheat from the Chaff” at “http://temporarytemples.blogware.com/blog”.

The town that Kaliji and assistants are staying in just happens to begin with “Devi”…

Southgate? May Devi bless you… as the energy flows from the southgate (reservoir of kundalini) šŸ™‚


...in the flow