Visitors to TriYoga Center, Malibu

///Visitors to TriYoga Center, Malibu

Last week there were several special guests visiting Kaliji at the Malibu TYC, celebrating many wonderful anniversaries and accomplishments.

TY teacher Chandra (Lynne) and husband Jivada (John) came from Florida, to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary, and Jiva’s 72nd birthday.

Respected clairvoyant Pavana visited from Louisville, KY. He met Kaliji when she was 21, and made many accurate predictions about what was to come for Kaliji and TriYoga.

TY teacher Nikita came from Santa Monica ~ she just completed her Level 1 certification.

Nada came to join Kaliji and Mercury in Chant Club on Sunday evening. That morning, Nada graduated from law school! Now that he has his J.D. degree, he will take the CA Bar Exam in July. With Nada are his mother Anahata (in town from Lexington, KY) and wife Nadi (Corin). Nada and Nadi also teach several TY classes per week in the LA area.

TY teacher Rizelle just completed her Level 2 certification and is now moving to Thailand. She will teach TY there, as well as in Bali, New Zealand, and other locations.

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