Vegan Potluck at TYC Shenzhen

///Vegan Potluck at TYC Shenzhen

image-4Visiting Senior-level teacher Gina and the staff at TYC Shenzhen (Nanshan) recently organized a Vegan Night, complete with a potluck and a screening of Forks Over Knives with Chinese subtitles.


Gina writes: “Students responded to the vegan potluck with great enthusiasm and produced a magnificent banquet of whole food plant-based dishes Chinese style! After sharing food we viewed the documentary and as before it had a profound impact. They told me that this documentary helped them truly understand that they do not need animal protein to be healthy or dairy products for calcium. They were very thankful to have this knowledge and many now feel they can consider a plant-based diet. One student told me today that immediately when they went home they showed it to a relative who has diabetes and heart disease and many others are sharing with family members and I told them to share as widely as they can….So very motivational!”


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