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Be transformed with a plant-based diet
that supports animals, health, and the environment. Plant-based diets include 5 nourishment sources which grow:

  • in the sea
  • below the ground
  • above the ground
  • in trees
  • in bushes

Vegan Plant Based Diet

Vegan Bolo kissing Kaliji

The Ahimsa Trinity of Animal Rights, Human Health, and Ecology

Article by Yogini Kaliji

It is an interesting time we live in. We often feel we have progressed far in civilization through science, technology, religion, and basic ethics. Yet, the question of being a vegetarian still arises.  



Yogini Kaliji on Ahimsa Trinity

Kaliji speaks on Ahimsa Trinity  (Audio)

Keynote at Columbia University, NY

March 10, 2013



Quotes by Yogini Kaliji

LOVE is for all souls to enjoy…
it is our natural state.
May we love animals and not abuse them.



Vegan heart

Quotes on Ahimsa Lifestyle

Animals and humans share the essential qualities of being: breathing, drinking, eating, playing, creating and love. Thus, how can one justify choosing a carnivorous diet by saying that an animal doesn’t have a soul? They love … and what is the soul, if it isn’t love?”  Yogini Kaliji the flow