Vegan Lifestyle Workshop in Davis, CA

///Vegan Lifestyle Workshop in Davis, CA

The weekend of Jan 28-30, Kelli went to Davis CA to give the first TriYoga Vegan Lifestyle workshop, organized by senior teacher Kamala.

Each of the 3 sessions included a fun combination of talk and discussion, videos, hands-on meal preparation in the kitchen, and of course, eating ! Topics included the basics of a vegan lifestyle and various reasons for adopting one, organic food, vegan nutrition, and transitioning to a vegan diet.

Participants busily preparing a meal ~

The variety of recipes prepared included drinks and smoothies, fruit and sauces, salads, soup, pasta, and dessert.

Kale Salad and vegan macaroni and cheese

Gluten-free vegan chocolate cream cake

Vegan cheesecake

The secret to a fantastic salad….

is a great variety….

of colorful veggies.

A toast to Annapurna Lakshmi, the goddess of food

“Kelli’s talks were interesting, the perfect length and full of useful and informative information. She was so open to questions and very responsive in getting answers almost immediately. She was not dogmatic but open and encouraging. Her recipes and her help in preparing them were awesome. Everyone learned a lot. Students are already talking about the next time she visits.”

“Thanks you again for a very informative, fun and delicious weekend. I learned a lot — went shopping for coconut flour, Himalayan salt, cashew nuts and other healthy goodies and served the cashew cream over baked pears. Your workshop was the right balance of casual fun and serious cooking.”

Look for more Vegan Lifestyle programs coming soon, or contact the TYI office to arrange one in your area.

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