Vegan Cooking Class in China

///Vegan Cooking Class in China


During the Basics training with Gina at the TYC in Nanshan (Shenzhen), they had a mini workshop one lunch time and learned to make fresh Almond milk and Chia Pudding as a simple introduction to vegan living food principles.

After the workshop the students wanted the recipe so Gina wrote something up in English and one of the students translated and they created an illustrated how-to. In addition, they had fun and created a little poster.

Click here for the Chia Pudding Chinese Recipe, and here for the Almond Milk Tutorial.

Several students also offered testimonials:

My name is Eva, a 23-year-old female, a mother of a 7-month old child. I started to try vegan diet after I watched Forks Over Knives in a vegan potluck during a TriYoga training. The other motivation is to lose weight as a new mother. So I took the vegan journey since then.

At the beginning it was not too difficult since I’m not a meat-lover myself. But as time goes by, I encountered obstacles from both myself and other people. This is the first time I didn’t eat meat for such a long period. So when I was presented a delicious meat dish or family and friends asked me to take delicious meat product, there was a little voice inside me wanted me to take it. It was not easy to fight with it. In order to refuse the temptation, I stuffed myself with tons of vegetables, then I felt full and had less desire to eat meat. Once I won the battle, it became easier later. At the end my body will tell me, I don’t really need meat. The other obstacle is from the family. If you change to vegan diet, you might lose weight at the beginning. So my family started to worry about my health. They thought my body cannot take this change or I’ll suffer from malnutrition. I was under great pressure and I tried very hard to talk to them and make them understand.

Overcoming these two obstacles, I’m able to continue my vegan diet and the impacts on my body are profound.

  1. Energy level. My energy level used to be very low. I always feel sleepy in the day and get tired very easily. And often I couldn’t sleep well at night. Now my energy level really improves a lot. I feel energetic in the day. My body is light, with no extra burdens.
  2. I started to experience toothache and discomfort of gum after giving birth to my child. Now the toothache is gone and my breath is fresher.
  3. Intestines and stomach- a very significant change. I have problems with my intestines and stomach ever since I was little. My digestive system is really weak. And I easily get intestine tympanites and gaseous distention, which is really painful. After I change to vegan diet, I found that the symptoms reduce a lot and the pain level also decrease.

I really didn’t expect these changes and benefits when I first started to try vegan diet.

At the end, I want to tell everyone with my own experience, if you have some chronic diseases or you are sub-healthy or your energy level is low, give yourself a chance to try vegan diet. At the beginning you can set a target period that is possible for you to persist, a month, two months, or 100 days. I’m sure your body will show you the changes.

And from Selena:

My name is Selena, a 29-year-old girl from China who likes to work out in the gym. I came to Gina’s basic training for two reasons. My left knee was injured from running two years ago, diagnosed as chondromalacia patella. I was in pain and hope yoga can do some healing to my knee. The other reason is that I got married and pregnant last year. But the baby was aborted spontaneously since I was on medication for urticaria ( I was not aware of the pregnancy). And I suffer from even more serious urticaria since then and continue to take traditional Chinese medicine on a daily basis. As far as I know, any allergic disease comes from the dis-function of immune system. And I was hoping practicing yoga can improve that too.

Being introduced to vegan diet in the training was out of my expectation. In China, no one will stop eating meat unless one is a Buddhist. In our traditional culture, meat is the main resource of best nutrition. I was really inspired by the documentaries shared by Gina. Not eating meat can keep you as healthy or even healthier, why not try it? So I did.

It was quite painful at the beginning since our body is used to the previous diet for so many years. A sudden change is difficult to adjust. Refined rice and flour are supposed to be restricted. But I don’t like grains. I was so starving after 6 hours yoga practice every day so I ate a lot at the beginning of the training, mainly flour product and fruits ( I was trying to quit rice and over-cooked meat and vegetables). The first weekend off, the feeling of starving as usual, a sudden relief from hard working and the temptation of a family feast made me totally lose control and ate much more than usual. I felt bad after that. My stomach was not table to digest and my body feel heavy and tired. Starting the second week, I came back to vegan diet again and never eat a huge amount anymore. My body started to adjust. I tried to eat more fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates were mainly from oats, purple sweet potatoes, potatoes and nuts. Although steam buns and stuffed buns were still included occasionally, but it was under control. I believe I can make it…

One-month training finishes in no time. I develop a better control of diet. At the end, there was no control at all, my body is totally adjusted and loves vegan diet.

It makes me feel light. I’ve lost around 5 pounds though a weight-loss was not my intention. I feel my energy level improves. I don’t feel tired even without a nap in the afternoon like I used to.

Vegan diet together with a full yoga training makes me feel really energetic. An old friend who didn’t see me for a while told me my skin condition improves.

Mostly importantly, on the third week of the training, I stopped taking Chinese herbal medicine because the urticaria is less serious. I wanted to try stopping medication and it didn’t come back for the next two weeks!

I’ve persisted in vegan diet for about a month during the training. I feel my body is purified, which makes me feel really refreshing and great! I think I will continue to persist and hopefully my health will become better and have a healthy, smart and pretty baby.

I hope more people can join us. Even if you don’t care about the cruelness to animals and the serious damage to the environment, just for our own health, it’s worth a try.

P.S. I shared the idea of vegan diet with my family. Since the traditional diet is so dominant, they worry about the bad impact of vegan diet to my body. So I shared the documentaries introduced by Gina. After watching, they started to accept the idea and the objection of me taking vegan diet is less strong now. I think as long as your body feels good at this moment, it must not be a bad thing.

Hereon I want to share the documentaries with you which might help you to know better about vegan diet. 1. Forks over Knives; 2. Cowspiracy The Sustainability Secret (2014); 3. Earthlings.


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