Vegan Cooking and TriYoga with Kelli in Berlin

///Vegan Cooking and TriYoga with Kelli in Berlin

TY teacher and vegan chef Kelli Roberts traveled from CA to Berlin to offer a weekend of vegan cooking classes. Organized by TY teacher Claudia Heidmann-Peter, the weekend featured 12 hours of vegan cooking and a TriYoga flow class.












The participants included TriYoga teachers and friends from around Berlin.

They learned to make more than 15 different vegan recipes, including caesar salad, veggie burgers, pastas and grain dishes, raw spinach soup with thyme, Black Forest chia pudding, cherry almond fudge, and peanut butter & jelly cupcakes (served with soy cappuccinos of course!)

Kelli and Claudia also had some time for sightseeing, including the remains of the Berlin Wall, and the Holocaust Memorial.

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