UYoga College Grand Opening in Shenzhen, China

///UYoga College Grand Opening in Shenzhen, China


Grace organized and hosted the first TriYoga Basics – Level 3 teacher training in China: in 2008 she invited the D’s (Rishi and Santoshi) to give a 200 hour Basics teacher training, then 75 hours for Earth, Water and Fire 108s– a total of  425 hours of TriYoga Training!  Within this first group of TriYoga teachers in China were many of those who now have joined the Junior-teacher training staff, opened TriYoga Centers, and joined the translation team.

Grace continued to grow and develop UYoga, her chain of yoga studios, and this month she opened a yoga college in Shenzhen.

As part of the grand opening of the new college,  Grace invited Gina and Lily to offer TriYoga workshops– over 100 people took advantage of the opportunity to study with senior-level teacher Gina and junior-level teacher Lily.

New TriYoga Teacher Trainings are already being scheduled at the new college, and a  new group of teachers ready to enter the flow!

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