Events during 2005 Mysore Ashrama

///Events during 2005 Mysore Ashrama

Upcoming events at Mysore Ashrama

Sri Swamiji updated Kaliji on events at Mysore Ashrama this year.

Mysore Ashrama will host a poetry conference most likely this year.
Sri Swamiji has composed over 365 poems written in the South Indian language of Kannada. The poems contain philosophical messages that inspire one to think more deeply. For example…

You get upset if a dog attacks your cat,
But when your cat gets a mouse you are happy…
Where is the real animal compassion?

Another example….

Are the samskaras holding you, or are you holding the samskaras…
It is like holding the lamp post and say it is holding you…

There will also be a conference this year at the Mysore Ashrama on the healing properities of plants. The head of the Forrestry department in the state of Karnataka state has offered his support for this conference. There will be healing plants available there that can be grown at home even without a yard. The various medicinal plants will be in a container that can be grown sitting on a window sill or on a porch. The herbs are for curing headaches, nausa, fatigue, etc.

It is a wonderful contribution that Sri Swamiji is offering to the devotees…the sacredness of plants to heal common ailments.

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