TY Teacher Trainings with Chandra in Shenzhen

///TY Teacher Trainings with Chandra in Shenzhen

Senior-level teacher Chandra recently traveled to the TYC in Shenzhen, China for certifications in Basics and Level 1 and a series of workshops.  This was her first trip to China’s first TriYoga Center!

Chandra was greeted at Hong Kong airport by her interpreter, Tina (Tian Tian).

Her trip included a workshop focusing on alignment and hands-on assistance. Chandra was assisted by TriYoga teachers Alexei (far left) and Lily (far right). Senior Teacher Santoshi was able to attend one day of the workshop during a break in the teacher training at Bao’An TYC.

The Basics Teacher Training group (with 100% certification) and the assistants, Lily and Tina.

The Level 1 group and certification.  Dalian teacher YoLi (in front) traveled from Northern China to attend the training and workshops.

Chandra_mealAnd no TriYoga teacher training is complete without enjoying a light vegan meal together.  Here, the TYC Staff had prepared a fruit meal of all the local, seasonal fruits for Chandra to try.

Chandra took time to write her impressions of her time in China:

TYTT and workshops with Chandra in Shenzhen

It was from Kaliji’s encouragement over a period of time that led me to travel to China to share TYTT.  I arrived in Shenzhen (about one hour from Hong Kong) on May 27th and, after a day of settling in, Basics TY certification training began on the 29th. There were 11 trainees that had been trained by Katya. Fortunately for me, most had adopted Americanized names that were helpful for me as I slowly learned how to pronounce their Chinese names. Some of the sounds were very foreign to my ears and the trainees were very helpful in teaching me how to pronounce their names.  

Very quickly it became apparent to me how important it is to have a good translator, someone who can not only translate words but also can grasp the meaning and energy of what is being shared. It was like the trainees were on one shore, with me on another, and the translator bridge was what allowed for this transfer of information and communication. Mandy, the hired translator from Hong Kong, had gotten sick and Tina competently filled this needed position for my first few days of teaching.

Grace, director of TY center in Shenzhen, had requested a 3 day workshop and this was scheduled for May 30-June 1. The workshop was well attended (22 on Friday, 21 Saturday & 18 Sunday) with TY teacher Lily assisting and Tina translating. All enjoyed the program and said they would return the next time I give a workshop in Shenzhen. There was a group dinner on Saturday night with Santoshi (Stephanie) joining us, and also on Sunday evening.

Following the workshop, Basics TYTT resumed for 4 more days.  Each morning the trainees joined me in a flow session covering one of the Basics series. Each afternoon was for practicum sessions to observe the trainees teaching skills, which included refining their practice of how to assist students. Additionally time and attention was devoted to instructing the trainees on how to bring the lower spine into alignment (specifically in seated poses, twists and mountain), by separating upper and lower bodies and using abdominal strength to correctly position the lower vertebrae.  

Katya did such an excellent job preparing the trainees that i was able to recommend they all be certified.

On my day off from teaching, I was delighted to travel with Grace and Lily to visit with KALIJI after sessions at the Hong Kong yoga conference and while there have the opportunity to meet with other TriYogis from China including Santoshi and John who assisted KALIJI at the conference. Many of us enjoyed a group dinner at an Indian restaurant.

Then 4 days of Level 1 TYTT began with 7 of the 8 L1 trainees that had been in the Basics certification training. This was most helpful as we already had covered many personal alignment issues and had an established rapport. As with Basics, we had a L1 flow session in the morning and time in the afternoon for them to practice (and me to assess) their teaching skills including postural assistance for students. I was delighted to see their personal alignments improve during the training’s. As with Basics, all were ready to be certified, thanks to the hours Katya had spent training them before my arrival.

Overall, my time in China was very rewarding and the Shenzhen TY staff made all aspects flow well for me. It was very helpful to have Lily accompany me getting rides each morning to the studio. Most afternoons one of the trainees took me back to the apartment. They all were such generous hosts treating me to dinners out and truly excellent Chinese massages. The delightful sharing with all during my time in Shenzhen resulted in feeling deep friendship with those who attended the programs. I was honored that Grace requested i return for the Level 2 TYTT program to be held January of 2015.  

Many thanks to KALIJI who kept encouraging me to travel to Shenzhen for TYTT. She knew it would be a wonderful experience and it was!

Jaya Guru Devi




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