TYTT in Europe with Nandi and Tarini

///TYTT in Europe with Nandi and Tarini

Nandi and Tarini have recently returned to the US after teaching several weeks of teacher trainings in Europe. Beginning in mid-June, they each taught 4 weeks of programs, certifying many new teachers in the process.

Nandi began with a Level 2 training in Berlin, where 8 teachers were certified in Level 2.

Alex in Extended Pyramid

Chrsitiane in Bridge with her little daughter Cecilia. Cecilia visited from time to time and was already very interested in the manuals.

Odette and Alex in Seated Butterfly

Christiane asstisting Eva-Maria in Forearm Stand

Nandi + Eva-Maria assisting Marliese in Forearm Stand… Sylke and Susanne observe

Ranjani assisting Nandi in Forearm Stand… Marliese and Shyamala observe

The last evening, the whole group went to the vegan restaurant La Mano Verde. Front left to right:
Marliese, Sylke, Ranjani; middle: Susanne, Nandi, Shyamala; back: Alex, Eva-Maria, Odette, Christiane

From Berlin, Nandi traveled to the TriYoga Center in Koenigstein Germany for a week of Basics and a week of Level 1 teacher training.

Ten new Basics teachers were certified in that week

and ten new Level 1 teachers were certified the following week. From the back row: Silke, Barbara, Roselyne, Infrid, Monika
Nandi and Ulla
Dagmar and Petra
Angelika, Nadine and Nazanin

Nandi ended her Europe tour with a weekend of Level 3 teacher training in Koenigstein.

In front of the TriYoga Center, Koenigstein

Tarini began in Munich with a Basics TYTT, where 6 new teachers were certified.

Front, left to right: front from left to right front: Simone Wildner, Tarini, Sybil Kuechle
Back: Carin Dietzel, Amelie Lang, Gina Meyrat, Bettina Wilmerstadt

She stayed in Munich for a Level 1 training, where 5 teachers were certified.

Left to right: Claudia Kaltenhofer, Julia Haensel, Elisabeth Pritscher, Susanne Birk, Tarini, Kara (Tarini’s daughter), TYC Munich director Beate Bleif; front lying: Roswitha Schawilje

From there, Tarini traveled to Bern, Switerland, for a Basics teacher training, organized by Amira Pacentra.

Left to right standing: Roland Hubacher, Marcella Gall, Damaris Wyss, Esther Meier, Isabelle Hitz, Francesca Linn
Left to right sitting: Amira Pacentra, Tarini, Irene Rempfler, Brigitte Nafzger, Barbara Luethi
Molly Ruchti-Yanez was the photographer and so is not in the photo.

Some other scenes from the Bern TYTT:

Tarini completed her tour with a Level 2 training in Zurich.

Congratulations to all new teachers and those certified in new levels !


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