TY29 Celebrations around the world

///TY29 Celebrations around the world

Events have been taking place in various locations around the world to celebrate this special day~

Malibu, CA (January 1-5) ~ 5-day sadhana immersion with Kaliji, including TriYoga flows, prana vidya, and yoga philosophy. More info

Spring Mills, PA (January 2-4) ~ 3-day TriYoga program with Theresa

Indiana, PA (January 3) ~ 3-hour workshop and dinner with Gita

Taiwan (January 5) ~ TriYoga class, teacher training session and dinner with John and Stephanie

Santa Cruz, CA (January 9-11) ~ TriYogathon with Kaliji, including TriYoga flows, prana vidya, and Chant Club. More info

Anniversary celebration in Taiwan

As part of their TY 29 celebration, John, Stephanie and a few students went to this restaurant in Taiwan
and the chef came and KNEW Kaliji! He said that he remembered Kaliji’s wonderful smile and happiness that spread over the room, and also remembered Kaliji singing bhajans with the harmonium… and everyone felt DEVI’s joy.

Dinner in Spring Hills, PA following a TriYoga program. TY teacher Theresa (in orange) organized the TY29 program there.


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