TY with Kaliji in Iowa

///TY with Kaliji in Iowa

From Sept. 23 – 26, Kaliji taught programs in two locations in Iowa.

She first went to Oelwein, where she taught at The Yoga Place, a studio owned by TY teacher Tejas. The beautiful studio is in the same building where Tejas and her husband Brad own the Brown Chiropractic Clinic.

Kaliji and Tejas

Kaliji with TY teacher Lisa, who traveled to Iowa from Minnesota to attend Kaliji’s programs.

Several students from the Cedar Rapids TY community attended the programs in Oelwein, which is about an hour from Cedar Rapids.

Kaliji with Satyam and Narayani, owners of the TriYoga Center of Cedar Rapids, and Tejas and Brad.

Then Kaliji taught a full weekend of programs at the TYC of Cedar Rapids.

During the programs, Kaliji gave wonderful jnana talks, culminating with a talk on natural alignment that went far beyond the physical body (podcast available soon on the KRIYA website). There was also chanting on Saturday night, which included, in addition to Kaliji, several drummers and violinist Herman Noronha.

Kaliji with owners of the TriYoga Center, Satyam and Naryani, prior to departure from Cedar Rapids.


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