TY with Kaliji in Davis & Sacramento

///TY with Kaliji in Davis & Sacramento

Kaliji gave a full weekend of programs in Davis and Sacramento, CA the weekend of November 6-8.

Organized by senior TY teacher Kamala Paul, the weekend offered sessions in Basics – Level 2, Prana Vidya, Subtle Anatomy and Chant Club. Here Kaliji and Kamala walk through the UC Davis Arboretum.

The programs on Saturday and Sunday were held at The Yoga Solution in Sacramento. TY teachers Kashi from Sebastopol and Gabriel from Santa Cruz demonstrate a TY flow sequence for the teachers and students attending the class.

Between 25-40 students attended each of the sessions, ranging from longtime TY teachers to students experiencing TriYoga for the first time. All loved Kaliji’s teachings.

Gabriel assists a student in Hip Side Stretch.

Mercury Max chanted mantras during the Prana Vidya and meditation sections of class.

Saturday afternoon was a 3-hour session on Prana Vidya. After Kaliji’s opening talk, the class divided into groups to learn Basics through Level 3 techniques, and then came together to practice.

Following the Saturday evening Chant Club session, Kaliji and students enjoyed an impromptu dance party

and delicious prasadam.

Each room and program was decorated with colorful local flowers. TY teacher Donna provided this beautiful arrangement for the yoga studio. She wanted a unique arrangement, so she asked Millie’s art class at Amador High School to create it. She told them about Kaliji and the upcoming progams, and this is what they designed for Kaliji.

In between the Sunday program sessions, there was a wonderful potluck dinner, and Kaliji also gave a blessing for a little one recently arrived on the planet.

TY teacher Risa and her husband Paul brought their 4-month old son Reed to meet Kaliji. In the presence of a small group, Kaliji spoke with Risa and Paul, and then chanted mantras and a beautiful flow of mudras appeared. Reed was making baby sounds at the beginning, but as soon as the mantras and mudras began, he was completely focused on Kaliji.

Mudra flow during Reed’s blessing.

Kaliji was hosted for the weekend by Kamala and her husband Jack, and the wonderful group of TY teachers and students in the area provided great support for her visit.


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