TY with Eva-Maria in Kiev

//TY with Eva-Maria in Kiev

The weekend of February 26, Eva-Maria traveled to the TriYoga Center in Kiev, teaching for the 6th time in that city.

Anna, director of the TriYoga Center, wrote after the weekend “You’ve left a ray of sunshine in my heart.”

Tanya (left) and Kateryna translated the programs. Kateryna, currently teaching TY in Turkey, came from Istanbul for the weekend.

Front row, left to right: Roma, Kristina, Lena, Anna Tanya,Ira,Sveta,Valya
Middle, left to right:Tanya,Tanya,Irem,Anna,Kateryna,Tamara,Sasha,Stella
Back row, left to right: Maya,Lena,Olya,Bogdana,Olga,Olga, Miha,Lena


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