TY Weekend in Sebastopol, CA

///TY Weekend in Sebastopol, CA

The weekend of March 5-7, Kaliji visited Devi Yoga Center in Sebastopol, CA, owned by senior TY teacher Kashi. The programs began on Friday evening with Basics TriYoga flows and continued through the weekend with Level 1 and Level 2 classes, chanting and jnana (yoga philosophy).

The programs were attended by over 50 people. Both those new to TriYoga and experienced TriYoga teachers enjoyed flowing together.

Also, that which is so particular to TriYoga, is that everyone regardless of age and physical condition can benefit and enjoy the very same class.

In the opening talk on Friday evening, Kaliji greeted all the students and welcomed the new ones to experience the joy of TriYoga, a practice the rest of the group loves so much and gets only more excited with after each workshop. Speaking about TriYoga Flows, Kaliji said “These movements will be a thread through our practice this weekend. Some may see the movements and think that this yoga is so physical, it concentrates only on the body. But we know that yoga means “‘to bring together’, so there must be something more to it. Yet, these particular movements awaken the life force, the prana. This method of yoga is so complete in itself and yet, so complimentary to other aspects of yoga like, for example, Nada Yoga”.

On Saturday evening, before the Chant Club, Kashi and 3 of her students, premiered yoga dance. TriYoga movements, kriyas and turns were beautifully choreographed to a rhythmic piece of music. It was a treat to watch for everyone. More yoga dance will be presented in the future.

After that, all were immersed into the nadam of mantras and chanting with Kaliji and Mercury Max, accompanied by guest musicians Sahar Pinkham on tabla and Hannah Carratti on flute.

The weekend concluded with over 4 hours of jnana (yoga philosophy), during which Kaliji answered many good questions on yoga philosophy, as well getting into an explanation of subtle anatomy.

TY teachers in Sebastopol, from left: Basics intern Kari Stettler, Zoe Rivers, Kashi, Kai Paynm, Sara Alexander

Happy teachers and students at the program with Kaliji


...in the flow