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I practiced several types of yoga that I enjoyed over the years, but what really seemed different about Tri Yoga was the feeling of sacredness in moving so slowly and consciously through the flows. One asana flowed gracefully into the next as though it were the gift of a dance! There’s a detailed conscientiousness that draws your attention into how all your body parts move in connection to one another in a synchronized fashion. This internal focus, enhanced by the use of your breath (prana -life’s source of energy), is a path way into the inner universe, while also opening the flow of chi and the portholes of nadis, expanding the subtle bodies. With these systematized krias comes a desire to want to perform these movements in an intimate way that expresses a feeling of grace and gratitude for having a life in this body. This shift of energy brought me to want to learn all I can about yoga from Kaliji and her devoted teachers.
There is a plethora of information that flows through Kaliji. With all her blessed connections she reminds us how to live as pure a life as possible philosophically, mentally, physically and with global consciousness in regard to our earth and all of its inhabitants! There are programs she provides that are wonderful resources for us to engage in daily! With all her systematized flows of asanas across the levels, and the varied resources (sutras, Ayurveda, science of yoga, music and chanting, sanskrit, vegan diet, fasting, pranayama, meditation, chakras, subtle bodies, and much, much more) I find a wealth of information flowing from one vast source that provides me with a depth and breath of teachings that keep me plentiful busy enhancing my life daily! My sense of family has certainly broadened as well!

Jacqui Beiden

Thank You Dear Nandini, and Thank You Yogini Kaliji! I am so grateful that through your inspiration and demonstration of the true spirit of yoga, that Triyoga has become an integral and continuous part of my life.



Dear Nandi, Thank you for your precise instruction. I’m teaching a basics class to a few neighbors and your verbal cues help me tremendously 🙏🏻xxo

Dear Santoshi,

I would like to say thank you to you! You have a special way to teach and also such a respectful and appreciative manner. My main job is usually teaching pupils maths and chemistry in secondary school. I wish all of my pupils will lern in such an atmosphere you gave us. A space where it is allow to do mistakes, a space, where you do not have fear of giving a wrong answer. Instead to have an opportunity to try, to learn and to increase and make enriching experience. The last days it was a pleasure for me.

I am so grateful about you and your way to teach. THANK YOU!
Holzkirchen, Germany

Dearest Nandi, it was amazing unbelievable lesson. I adore assisting but I knew not so many and today it was so beautiful and useful demonstration and teaching how to do this! Imagine, when I was looking at you I felt like you assisted me and actually enjoyed it!!!! Thank you 🙏 and dear Tarini. And of course our magic Yogini Kaliji!!!!JGD! Zurich, Switzerland

I am watching your June 11th work in the basics! And I love how softly you teach on the rolls…calling old misalignments or mistakes “progression” so gentle and affirmative. I also enjoy all of the skeletal information you give for alignment. I think a lot of science minds gravitate to your sharing of knowledge. I really enjoy learning from you!



I am loving hearing your sweet voice and learning from you in the Basics! Well done! so informative and soft and rhythmic! I am happy to be back!

Gita, USA

It was great to experience Kaliji “live” once again! The energy she exudes gives me the strength to stay in the flow and to make my lessons even more flowing! I missed the first hour but I can look it up later in the replay.”
Sandra Ackerman, Switzerland

Jaya Guru Devi Dearest KALIJI.
Love you love you love you…. Thank you for knowledge, education and certification. My triyoga education is in progress during this life.

Jaya Guru Devi


Moscow, Russia
August 28, 2021

To Nandi,  From Kimberlee-

To Nandi: It was a wonderful weekend. So much rich content. Statistics and facts filled with conviction. I come away a better person. Thank you for your leadership and guidance. 🙏❤️


Santa Cruz, CA USA

November 15, 2020


Nandi is an extremely advanced practitioner and brings to the mat a wealth of experience about the human body’s marvelous capabilities. I have never met a yoga teacher who taught me to see my physical limitations as a package of insights to be unwrapped, not a burden to carry in the quest to be a “perfect” yogi. Nandi taught me a priceless lesson: that yoga practice is about so much more than poses and stretching. It is about the way you move and breathe in the world.

Nandi has a beautifully grounded energy and brings to the space a realness that makes even the most inexperienced yogi feel right at home. She is warm, humorous, and will always show you how to work with your own body to get the best possible experience. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough. She is a gift.

Santa Cruz, CA, USA
July 9, 20202

Dear Nandi,

so glad to have the joy of diving into your detailed and heartfelt teaching & guidance again.
I really missed the weekends in Santa Cruz.

Thank you,
JGD Heike
August 30, 2019

I have been a devoted Tri Yoga student since discovering the flow several years ago in Cairns, Queensland.

More recently I have attended two Level 2 Series 1and 2 trainings with Tri Yoga Teacher Penelope Foord in Ballarat, Victoria. This experience has taken my practice to another level.

Pene has drawn attention to details within my flow that somehow I have managed to completely be unaware. Some examples are dropping my hips when flowing from mountain into cat and dropping my head when I flow in cat bows. Most importantly Pene has brought to my attention the importance of flowing with my breath. She has also shown me the importance of using my blocks within my own personal practice. All of the above I know about and would notice in others, but somehow I had forgotten within my own practice.

Attending these trainings with Pene has improved my practice and teaching. Pene has emphasised the importance of “Basics” and I totally understand now.

I have written this testimonial in gratitude for the patience and knowledge that Pene has shared with me.

In the flow…..
Sandra M Hudson
Encounter Bay, South Australia.
May 12, 2019

Chandra and I have had so much fun training that I plan to just stay in teacher training for the rest of this incarnation and the next. Well there I’ve said it outloud to my guru and now the deal is sealed. No taking it back 😊
Atlanta, USA
Feb 2019

I truly enjoyed your love filled class.
Thank you!
Shino, Japan

Thank you so much, Nandi.. every day, I am grateful for you and TriYoga, the whole TY community and of course, Kaliji! JGD 😊
California, USA
March, 2018

I have started with TYTT Level 3 with Johanna as a teacher at TriYoga Center Switzerland. It is wonderful and I am thankful to the new chance to understand and feel the flow deeper. It is the first time, that I am taking classes with Johanna and I am impressed how warmly and clear her teaching is.
Switzerland 2016

In my opinion, the greatest strength of the organization is in the quality of the teachers/instructors that are produced.
Pensylvannia, USA
December, 2017

These are the people how made my dream a reality! Level 1 TYTT is over, it was a gift! My heart will always keep this light that illuminates my soul.  Body and mind are full of priceless knowledge that I am ready to share with other in my classes. 🕉
February, 2017

Wonderful 3 days with Eva-Maria. To listen to her, to flow with her is pure happiness. Thank you to Natalia Demchenko for organizing and a chance to be in such warm and soulful atmosphere.
February, 2017

Kaliji <3 Love you! Thank YOU from all my heart!

Eva-Maria is a magical teacher.
She opens an incredibly new and new in my mind .. feeling of infinity knowledge – unbelievable !!!!
I felt in all of my heart the need to be closer to you…

Love YOU!
Thank YOU for perfect gift 🙂

February, 2017


I love to teach….
Teaching new teachers is always a source of new inspiration and creativity.
The more I teach, the more I realize how beautiful and how deep TriYoga can inspire people life and give them a wonderful support for daily life.

TYC Königstein, Germany


Thank you for this great opportunity you have given me, expanding and enjoying TriYoga with so many people…

TYC Königstein, Germany


JGD Darling Kaliji,

What TriYoga Teachers are Made of?

Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night, nor power outages nor Hurricanes can keep a Triyoga teacher from making her class.

As you know darling Chandra was visited by hurricane Hermine. However, this did not keep her from keeping her teacher training session with Theiry and I. In spite of a big mess at her house and no power, she flowed on using her precious cell phone battery and reading by flashlight. We had a very productive session and a great time.

I just wanted to give a little extra good Karma nod for her. She of course has had the best training in the cosmos so it should be no surprise that she is an unstoppable praana.

Atlanta, GA
Sept. 2016

JGD ~  dearest Nandini and dearest Tarini.
THANK YOU ~ MAHALO ~ GRAZIE *** I couldn’t contain my tears of purest JOY and FIRE HAPPINESS receiving the Certification notice online.  UUUhhhh… what a miracle…

I’m SO thankful for all burning transformation, all new learnings and your wonderful teachings to support me on this huge step!

This morning practicing the Pranam Salutation on my lanai (outdoor) I was blessed by a shining colorful rainbow (s. Picture) that I want to share with you in deepest gratitude and sincere devotion. Let’s multiply our JOY ~ JAY wherever we are ~ IN THE FLOW ***

October 2013
TriYoga Teacher Rainbow

Dear Eva-Maria sensei

Thank you very much for your class,
and encounter with you.

two days,
I felt warm and tender, calm from all
of your movement.
like a dance.
like a energy of the earth.

TriYoga is beautiful.

much love and much respect

Ballet performer, Japan

GRAZIE DI CUORE (Thanks from the Heart)

Thanks so very much for coming again to Italy to teach us TriYoga. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher come to us. Everyone was very happy with the seminar and I hope more people will have the opportunity to know TriYoga when you return.

Kim, Italy

Thank you for the wonderful anatomy course. All that I learned has been enriching my own practice and my general understanding of movement. It really was fun.

Nevada City, CA
February 2011

Thank you, Nandi!!! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful guidance!!!! I learned so much from your attention to subtle anatomy and expertise with the flows. I look forward to flowing with you in the future.

Santa Cruz, March 2011

Nandi presents anatomy in such a clear and fun way (Who would have thought anatomy could be fun?) that it makes remembering and applying the information easy. She covered an incredible amount of information and still left plenty of time for practicing the flow and answering our many specific questions. This class will help every level of TriYoga student from beginner to teacher-in-training. I highly recommend it!


What a wonderful week, Nandi! Thank you for everything you are sharing with me. I love TriYoga!


Dear Nandi,

We had such a great week in Allershausen. Thanks again for teaching us so many defined aspects to get deeper into the flow. I can deeply feel it during my practice and love to pass this knowledge to my students.

Jaya Guru Devi
Germany, 2010

The recent Anatomy Essentials for TriYoga teacher training with Steph was great! She is not just really smart, she has a visual clarity and ability to articulate as she herself organizes the information. The two of them (Steph and John) have such complementary matching skills that magnify each other. Brilliant.

MA, 2010

Hi Kali,

Divya and I just spent another amazing weekend with Theresa Shay in PA- Level One Flow was wonderful and the beauty and genius of the flow just tickles me pink.


Long Island, NY

Dearest Nandi, it was amazing unbelievable lesson. I adore assisting but I knew not so many and today it was so beautiful and useful demonstration and teaching how to do this! Imagine, when I was looking at you I felt like you assisted me and actually enjoyed it!!!! Thank you 🙏 and dear Tarini. And of course our magic Yogini Kaliji!!!!

Olga, joining online from Switzerland

Namaste dear Kali Ray,

I thank you so very much that it is possible to learn TriYoga in Germany. It makes me so happy.

Thank you very much for so very very very fine teachers like Nandi, Roselyne and Chandra.

Thank you very much for all. Much love and light.


I feel very lucky to have been prepared so well from Amira and the teachings from Tarini were very inspiring; also in the way she teaches. She is so loving, I am looking already forward to the next Intensive with Tarini.


Dear Kaliji,

Thank you for your congratulations and appreciation.

Studying with Eva-Maria and Nandi was a great privilege and joy.
Now I hope to continue teaching TriYoga for the benefit of many people and of myself.

Wishing you a happy Guru Purnima and sending my kindest regards,


Dear Nandi,

A testimonial:

I couldn’t wait to return to my students after taking Anatomy I. My excitement was right on. I am able to see more clearly, assist more wisely, and understand how to intelligently use props to facilitate the flows. Thank you for helping me to both deepen my own practice and enhance my students.

With gratitude and love,

Mantrini (Marilyn Kriegel)

Thank you so much! It has been a wonderful experience through the whole process and I have established some wonderful friendships! I look forward to helping people through this yoga and myself be a better person.

Christine Lauriello

Jaya Guru Devi
Namaste, Kaliji

Thank you for this profound opportunity! Theresa Shay and the TriYoga community have brought great gift into this life. I hope to share the gift in Bloomsburg, PA.

In the flow,
Ruth Zeiders

I want to also let you know I really enjoy going to Kripalu because of the teachers you have up in New England, Brahmi and Matarani.
Those two woman know flow. Every year I go home and work on what they teach me.
And each year it gets a little deeper for me. Theresa is also an amazing alignment assistant. I get to see her a little more often and I always learn from her.

New England, USA
Oct. 2008

When Nandi teaches, it’s obvious how enthusiastic she is for her students, and how much she loves the flow. It sets her apart!

April, 2008

Thank you so much for sending Tarini to Conshohocken. She provided us with a wonderful weekend workshop, sharing her knowledge as well as her warmth and brightness!

January 2008

Dear Kaliji,

Thank you for the announcement that I was certified in TriYoga Basics.
And thank you for the TriYoga system. Hopefully I shall teach a class during 2007-08, and I am looking forward to this, because TriYoga really has helped me to get peace of mind. TriYoga has made a significant and positive change in my life, as well as in my relationship to other people. I am so glad, that TriYoga is an every day part of my life now, and I am excited to discover what this journey of TriYoga will bring in the future.

August, 2007

Thank you so much for your congratulation for my TRIYOGA Basics certification.

I am so grateful to found TriYoga for myself, it changed my life completely.

And now I am happy to bring this wonderful style to a lot of people.



Dear Kaliji, so many thanks for sending us two wonderful, beautiful, sweet and lovely teachers (John & Steph)! What a gift! We also enjoyed every moment of our time with them here, and of course, we learned so much.

All my love and respect,

Israeli Yoga Teacher’s Assoc.
August/September 2008

The week-ends with Eva Maria have been very inspiring for me and the Teacher Training week with Tarini was great. Tarini’s workshop in Level 3, Series 3 (fire) was challenging. I love the flow!

In the flow and very happy

Eliane Grunder

Chandra is really amazing. Her personal story, her long-time teaching experience, her language full of imagery and precise detailed descriptions are really inspiring to me as a teacher. Plus the way she interacts with students to help them: so caring and reassuring.

She is truly an excellent advocate for TriYoga and we hope to see her again really soon! But she should be in demand as a resource in many settings, for sure!

Maretta Jeuland

We passed a wonderful harmonious week together with Nandi in Koenigstein and enjoyed her teachings which were very profound and deepening. Beside that, she we also had a lot of joy together.


Renata + Mario
July 2007


Dear Kaliji,

So happy to recieve your email with Level 2 certification.

Each certification leaves me amazed how beautifully the flows progress – taking your body and mind to new discoveries.

I am so grateful that I was introduced to TriYoga – It has completely changed my relationship with yoga. Before I was “just” teaching yoga – now I am in the flow – living it.

July 2007

Thank you for sending dear Gina to us. We had very good training with her, first learning the proper alignments while working in pairs, and then incorporating how to work with students while in a class setting. She is a thoughtful, patient, and thoroughly knowledgeable teacher. It is such a blessing to be introduced to new teachers from California. Each one we meet adds new things to our repertoire.

Basics Teaching Methodology

March 5, 2007

To share TriYoga is one of the best that happened to me!! Thank you so much for sharing and teaching me TriYoga!

Dr. Elke Osbitsch
Austria 2019


When the level one training is in progress, in this year’s training class, I saw the inner sublimation again. Without ego, there is no obstacle, just passing and sharing the wisdom of TriYoga, not my personal color.
We love you. Your power is always in our hearts, TriYoga practice is not only on the mat, but also extends to life, for thought, for action, for language, a conscious state of life, life is more and more light.

Devika, Wenzhou, China



Israel, Feb 2018

Hello! I am submitting my basics certification form and would like to share how wonderful the structured training, instruction, and supported teaching were. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to deepen my own practice! Many thanks,

TY Boston
Feb, 2018


Thank you Nandi. JGD.
Wonderful extraordinary class and so very lovely to spend this time with you. I dropped down quite deep and felt presence of an Immense Love inside, which was beyond words liberating. Brought tears – big joy.
Those cobra 2 rolls with triple wave feel extraordinary, energetically, and i realize am not even getting it right enough to tap into fraction of their energy – what i do feel is amazing (otherworldly!!)
Practice practice practice…I will and must!
Feb. 2016

Am so happy to hear I have been certified by you in L3.
The whole Training in L3 gave me such a deep appreciation for the Levels that came before and the very organic and systematic way TriYoga Flows developed through you.
Thank you so much for bringing this lovely (complex + differentiated) method – yet very simple way to access the Flow – into the world.

July 2015

It is such a luxury to have a so engaged and wholehearted teacher as Elke is- our small group of four teachers to be had her unlimited attention and loving care during the whole period of teacher training. During certification week Elke and Johanna were a “dream-team”- always very accurate about teaching,
the rest of the time as You can see laughing.

Susanna Ahvonen
October 2014

Thank you again for coming to Davis to share your knowledge with us. Some of the information that you imparted has already found its way into my teaching and my students are benefiting.

Davis, CA
February 2011

From TY Anatomy with Nandi ~

Thank you again for the wonderful workshop. It has given a nice and welcome boost to my practice. Your dedication and compassion are infectious down to the bone, as it were. 🙂

Rocklin, CA
February 2011

Dear Nandi. . .

Thank you so much for the Anatomy 1 class. I really appreciate your style of melding the experiential flows with the anatomical context. Thank you for making it accessible.

Santa Rosa, CA
February 2011

Following a 10-day Basics Teacher Training intensive in Santa Cruz, Lee writes:

Thank you for your loving guidance and direction as bit by bit my body unfolded – opening, lengthening and strengthening. I felt tamasic energy vanishing – body revitalizing and mind calming and clearing. My body has awakened and feels alive again. It has been over 7 years since I sat down to do some pranayama and meditation on my own. This morning I joyfully sat and welcomed a morning practice.

Kim, you are a beautiful, dedicated teacher who makes the world a better place. What a blessing to have been witnessed and guided by you.


Following a 7-day Level 3 Teacher Training in Koenigstein, Germany with Kim Beecher, D.C.

Dear Nandi ,

I enjoyed very much your wonderful inspiring workshop. I was able to deepen my knowledge and the main thing is that you inspired me to get back to a serious, regular Level 3 practice. Since I left Koenigstein, I haven’t missed a day and include everything from Prana Vidya and meditation, too!

Urvasi Leone
Senior TriYoga Teacher

We had wonderful and very relaxed training’s with Nandi. All students were very happy to experience such a good teacher with deep knowledge and who gave individual help to everybody, besides keeping the energy in a very meditative flow.

Johanna, TYT
Germany 2010

I was in a teacher training class few weeks back with Beth (Brahmi). She is certainly one of your best, that I have worked with. Thanks to Beth for reigniting the spirit in me and for Laura who was the medium.


New Orleans
August, 2009

It was a wonderful experience meeting Brahmi. She is an excellent teacher, kind and has a lot of patience. I am very grateful to Lalita for inviting her. I was trying to go to Boston for training for over a year now. With Brahmi coming to NO it worked out perfectly.


New Orleans
August, 2009

Jaya Guru Devi Kaliji,

I am so glad and proud to be part of the worldwide TriYoga-Family! It is a great experience to share TriYoga and I am happy that I found. I am looking forward to the Teacher Training Level 1 with Amira and Tarini in Bern and hope that I will be able to meet you again in Switzerland soon.

Many Thanks for the wonderful Flows you teach!

Namaste, Isabelle
August 2009

Namaste Kaliji,

Thank you very much for your notice. I am very happy to be a certified TriYoga Basics Teacher. The preparation has been excellent, yes, and also spending the week with Tarini was really extraordinary . I also would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and sharing TriYoga with us through all the wonderful people I have met so far!

Wishing you all the best for the coming time and your trip to Europe.


Dear Eva-Maria

I will say thanks for a fabulous intensive week. You really inspire me.
I am so happy, that TriYoga know will be a part of my life.

May 2009

Dear Kaliji,
Jaya Guru Devi

Thank you for being present through Stefanie and John here in Israel. I enjoy practicing and learning TriYoga very much and now I am enjoying the teaching of the Basics – I feel honored.
They are teaching in a most pleasant and decent manner with patience and devotion – really lovely!

I am looking forward to meet you sometime. Meanwhile enjoying the flow…

Love and Peace,


...in the flow