TY Retreat in Bad Meinberg, Germany

///TY Retreat in Bad Meinberg, Germany

The annual TriYoga retreat with Kaliji in Bad Meinberg, Germany took place July 26 to August 1. Attendees enjoyed a rare chance to spend an entire week in classes with Kaliji. The full schedule of programs included flow classes, prana vidya, nightly satsanga with Kaliji, partner stretch, and a talk by TriYoga teacher and medical doctor Miguel (Madan) Rivera. Participants were a great mix of TriYoga teachers, students, and those experiencing TriYoga for the first time. Kaliji’s effortless guidance offered all the opportunity to learn and grow throughout the retreat, and to gain full benefit from this deep immersion into TriYoga sadhana.

The first day of the retreat coincided with the Guru Purnima full moon, and Kaliji delivered an incredible evening talk about the significance of Guru Purnima and the immense value of teachers in our lives who guide us toward positive change. Kaliji also gave a simple and profound example of the symbolism of the full moon, saying that through the guidance of the guru the mind (moon) is fully illuminated by the light of knowledge (the sun). Listen to Kaliji’s talk here.

Kaliji’s masterful teaching and assistance allowed everyone in the diverse group to enjoy the Flow.

TriYoga teacher and medical doctor Madan delivered a talk on “Managing Stress through TriYoga Lifestyle”. He emphasized on the physiology of stress, and presented scientific research which demonstrates that TriYoga practices, including vegan diet, TriYoga flows, and Prana Vidya are helpful in the management of stress.

Mercury Max (vocals and percussion) and Madan (percussion) backed Kaliji during chanting sessions.

TriYoga senior teacher Roselyne, from Konigstein, Germany, organized the Bad Meinburg retreat and also offered translation.

Fellow senior teacher Urvasi (from Berlin) also assisted and provided translation throughout the retreat, and thrilled the group with her classical Indian dancing (below, depicting the goddess Maha Kali).

Many offered their assistance to make the retreat a great success. Musician Mercury Max accompanied Kaliji throughout the European tour, chanting daily at Bad Meinberg and keeping everyone entertained with his masterful playing and unique sense of humor.

As always, senior teacher Nandi provided expert assistance.

Senior teachers John and Stephanie demonstrate during partner stretch.

TriYoga teacher Vandana from Koeln

TriYoga teacher Antje from Rieder

TY teacher Bianca from Berlin brought her lovely daughter to the retreat!


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