TriYoga Retreat with Kaliji in Berlin, Germany

//TriYoga Retreat with Kaliji in Berlin, Germany

Mitradeva and Urvasi offered translation. Vegan chef Mitra (Vegan MD) also offered daily fresh juices.

Demonstrators: Eva-Maria (Germany), Angelika (TY Graz, Austria), Peter and Tanya (TYC Vienna, Austria), Ishtar (Switzerland), Berni (Chant Club guitarist).

People came to Berlin from all over Europe, Russia, Ukraine, China and US.



TriYoga Teacher Elena was at TY Retreat in Berlin in 2016… pregnant. This year, she came to see Kaliji with her whole family and introduce her daughter. Elena thanked Kaliji for giving her girl the beautiful name Eka.





Daily TriYoga group enjoy vegan restaurants in Berlin: 1990 Vegan Living, Soya Vegan Kitchen, La Stella Nera,

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