TY Programs with Kaliji in Kiev, Ukraine

///TY Programs with Kaliji in Kiev, Ukraine

Kaliji completed her summer tour with a weekend in Kiev over July 29-31. Kiev student Alexandra Marchenko met Kaliji for the first time and wrote a magazine article (in Russian) about Kaliji’s visit, available here.

As always, students and teachers from across Ukraine and Russia traveled to attend programs with Kaliji.

Kaliji’s visits to Ukraine and Russia always begin with a large welcoming party at the airport and lots of beautiful flowers!

Teachers Shanti (left) from Nevinnomyssk, Ekaterina (center) from Vienna, and Ananda (right) from Moscow. Ekaterina assisted with translation.

Students are welcomed by a beautiful TriYoga banner.

Ira, daughter of Kiev teacher Alla Sozikina (not pictured), didn’t have a mat so she happily shared with other students!

Kaliji gave her personal mat to Ira at the end of class.

All loved chanting with Kaliji ~ see the video here (you will need a Facebook account to view the video).

Many new teachers were certified during John and Stephanie’s recent visits to Russia and Ukraine. New teachers who attended Kaliji’s programs in Kiev were thrilled to receive their certificates directly from Kaliji! Pictured here is new teacher Tatiana Savchenko from Nevinnomyssk, Russia.

Nandi (pictured here) and Matarani traveled with Kaliji to Kiev and provided wonderful assistance.

Moscow TriYoga Center founder Shaktidas (Olga Bakulina, left) with her brother Alexander and his wife Galina. Alexander and Galina live in Kiev, and Shaktidas was thrilled for Kaliji to meet them.

Anand (left), Vishnu (right) and Tanya from Kirvograd (near Kiev). Tanya now lives in Kiev and teaches many classes each week. She provided translation for the Flow classes.

After arriving early at the airport, Kaliji found a lovely nature spot for a visit.

Host, organizer and teacher Anna Logvinova. Anna was assisted by Katerina Degtyar, Anna Klimenko and Irina Evchenko. Katerina also helped with translation.

Teacher Ruslan from Saratov, Russia.

A student found a young hedgehog, who was very content to be held by Kaliji!

Students said of Kaliji’s visit ~


There are no words after being with Kaliji… but an immense desire to share this state with others.


We are happy to finally have a chance to experience the Flow, which she indeed emanates.


...in the flow