TY Programs & Kaliji's Birthday Celebration in Spring Mills, PA

///TY Programs & Kaliji's Birthday Celebration in Spring Mills, PA

The week of April 9–12, Kaliji gave programs in Spring Mills, PA.

Each day, students enjoyed 2 hours of Prana Vidya and Jnana, followed by 3-hour Yogaflow sessions. Students and teachers who were not able to travel to Spring Mills were able to join the classes online and share the flow!


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As always, experienced practitioners and new students flowed next to each other, equally enjoying the benefits of the practice, as well as Kaliji’s wisdom, insights and humor. Long time students and teachers shared that they were once again amazed at never ending novelty of TriYoga, the endless variety of the movement, sequences, modifications that it offers to let all immerse into the flow.

One of the students, Karen Yanak, shared her healing experience. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Soon after, she found TriYoga and committed to daily practice. Six months later, her symptoms significantly decreased. She still does not need any medications and her doctors are amazed. (see last collage for photo).


Demonstration and alignment assistance were offered by Theresa, Bindu, Gita, Ganga & Katyayani.
Shown from left: Gita, Bindu and Theresa.

All 4 days, Kaliji was surrounded by beautiful flower arrangements.


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Just a week before, Kaliji mentioned that perhaps we should have more flowers, since we are Flow-ers. Then Citrini, TriYoga teacher from Philadelphia, sent Kaliji a flower necklace to celebrate the birth of her full-moon baby girl. Now, Theresa offered a flower dish, and Ananta made a beautiful lotus painting. More works by this talented artist are on her website.

Jennifer Tucker and Gerald Lang presented Kaliji with a photograph of Water Lily. A larger version of this photograph hangs in the TriYoga Center of Central Pennsylvania, and everyone who graduated from Basics TYTT this spring received a smaller version of the photo. Jennifer, an accomplished herbalist, identified the 5 elements as they manifest in the plants.

Just another example of Kaliji’s life-flow.

It was the second time that Kaliji came to PA for her birthday, April 11. Now the TriYoga community there says it should be a tradition. They do know how to celebrate!

At 11:27 am, the time of Kaliji’s birth, the students in the morning class sang a joyful Happy Birthday song.

They sang again in the evening to open the dinner and birthday party celebration.


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A poetic speech from Theresa’s husband Glenn invited all to celebrate Kaliji’s presence in this world and the gifts she has brought to us. The vegan feast was concluded with one more Happy Birthday song, to accompany the cake with icing in the form of the TY logo.

Gifts presented to Kaliji were numerous. First, an inspiring video testifying to the effects of TY and Kaliji in people’s lives. The team did an amazing job: Heather thought out the story line, Jill worked the camera, and Nathaniel made final production. Enjoy the video here.

Theresa gave a wonderful speech sharing the 3 most important things why she is grateful for Kaliji: 1. Kaliji sees us for who we are, without any expectation or judgement; 2. She inspires us with her example, often to things we could not even imagine; 3. She knows the Truth. Listen to the speech here.


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Next was the book. Everyone had a chance to create it by filling in a page that began with the words: Kaliji, because of your life, my life is….

Sarah Schwartz, Basics intern, and Theresa read the testimonials, all so heartfelt and unique.


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In the flow, Theresa received a copy of a magazine with an article on TriYoga, right in time to present it to Kaliji.

Chanting was a unique experience. Knowing Kaliji’s love and talent for tabala, the TriYogis wanted to hear her play. Kaliji agreed. Theresa, who often leads chanting in her community, was very excited to have a chance to play with her beloved teacher.


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With Kaliji, every party culminates in energetic and carefree dancing.


Many TriYogis participated in programs through the live online webcast. Kaliji came to chat with the online friends and to say her unique good bye for the day:).


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Kaliji with happy students and friends.

In the flow, sisters TY teachers Bindu and Binaka, originally from PA, were with Kaliji on her birthday. Bindu lives in South Africa, where she and her husband Shaun have established wonderful TY community. Binaka has recently moved to Grenada. It was a pleasant surprise for all that they could join the program and the party.


Jill and Scot presented Kaliji with another beautiful handmade plate from Scot’s workshop. They have just celebrated 33 years of being married!

Time with Kaliji left all enriched, renewed, transformed and inspired. All felt that the celebration continues on and on… each day… when we flow on our mat or in life, guided by the Truth she shares with us.


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Kaliji’s birthday was celebrated with TY flows and vegan meals all over the world.

Video of kids from Berlin singing Happy Birthday to Kaliji

Happy Birthday video from TriYoga Center Brovary, Ukraine


...in the flow