TY in Seminole, Florida

//TY in Seminole, Florida

The weekend of April 9-11th, Kaliji taught a program at Yoga 4 All in Seminole, FL, owned by Marty Maddox. TY teacher Sandi and Nancy, teachers from the studio, helped keep things running smoothly.

Throughout the weekend, Kaliji offered chanting, jnana, prana vidya and TriYoga flows. On Saturday, at the beginning of the 5-hour class, Kaliji said that to new ones that the session may seem like it is a long time, but they will be the ones who will say afterwards “Is it already over? so soon?”. And that’s exactly what happened. Angela (shown below), who had just began to practice TriYoga few weeks before, said “I did not even notice how time went by”.

She and other students could not help sharing how much they loved meeting Kaliji. “The way she moves is like a song!”, “The energy in the class was so special, the moment I walked in, I felt so peaceful and joyful inside”, “She is so much fun and so practical”, “Now I have a new focus in life!” were their comments..

The programs were arranged by Chandra and Jivada. Chandra has known Kaliji for over 24 years, and Jivada for over 30 years. Chandra is a senior TY teacher, regularly offering TriYoga workshops and teacher trainings in Florida and around the US.

Chandra demonstrated and offered alignment during the workshop.

Assistance was also given by Eva-Maria, a TriYoga teacher from Germany. She came to the USA to celebrate her 60th birthday with Kaliji. She says that with TriYoga she feels younger with each passing year. She stays very active giving TY teacher trainings in Europe and traveling around the world teaching TY.

Ganga and Madan also assisted during the workshop sessions. Madan, as a psychiatrist, spoke about medical studies that support the benefits of pranayaman and a vegan diet.

The program was attended by teachers and students from all over Florida and also from other states, including TY teachers Dashi from Miami

and Sharadaa from Atlanta.

TY teacher Peggy

On Saturday evening, many joined to share a delicious vegan meal at a local Thai restaurant.

On Sunday, April 11th, all celebrated Kaliji’s birthday. Throughout the weekend, the room was decorated with Happy Birthday balloons and flowers. At Kaliji’s birthday time, 11:27 am, all sang a Happy Birthday song to her.


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