TY in Israel

John and Stephanie’s spring teaching tour recently ended with programs in Israel from May 7 – 23. Hosts Anat Gold and Rebecca Rosenstein organized classes, workshops, and Basics/Level 1 teacher training in beautiful and unique locations in Tel Aviv and across northern Israel. This was John and Stef’s third visit to Israel, and the combination of great hosts, wonderful teachers and students, beautiful land, and delicious vegan food make Israel one of their favorite places to teach.

For more pictures and stories from John and Stef’s TriYoga travels, visit their blog at www.mindbumping.com (titled after a particularly strange sign encountered in China).

Basics/Level 1 teacher training group. This year, part of the training was organized as a two day intensive retreat at beautiful and peaceful Kibbutz Matsuva, near the Israel-Lebanese border. The teachers and interns began their training with John and Stephanie a year ago, and then continued with Eva-Maria during her visit in January.

Scenes from the teacher training at Kibbutz Matsuva.

Rebecca demonstrating Locust.

One teacher training session, as well as numerous workshops and classes, was held at Rebecca’s studio in Moshav Ein Ayaala. A number of Rebecca’s regular students also attended the teacher training session.

A class held at Kibbutz Ayelet HaShahar in the Galilee. Eva-Maria taught here in January, and students were very happy to experience TriYoga again.

Evening class in the completely solar-powered community of Klil.

Students at Kibbutz Evron. The program was completely full, and the hosts are looking forward to beginning TriYoga teacher trianing.

John and Stef stayed most nights at Anat’s home in Kibbutz Afek, and they had the opportunity to teach in Anat’s studio and to meet her regular students. Children at the kibbutz enjoyed showing John and Stef their own yoga postures!


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