TY in Barnaul, Siberia

Santoshi (Stephanie) visited Barnaul, Siberia from March 10-25.   This is part of “the D’s” annual spring tour and her fifth March in Barnaul!

Gal_NatThe trip was organized by Galina (left) and translated by Natalia (right).  Both traveled to India this December with Kaliji and are tireless in their support and development of TriYoga in Siberia.

Ananda_groupThe highlight of many trips to Barnaul is the time Ananda and her students. Ananda met Kaliji over 20 years ago and has been practicing TriYoga ever since.

rotated_triangle Eagle RaisedCobraSmile

Students and interns enjoyed a varied program, including a Basics Teacher Training, a Level 2 Teacher Training, and all-levels workshops on the weekends.

SkypeLevel 2 interns also enjoyed a chance to Skype with Kaliji.


Congratulations to the new Level 2 Teachers: Irina, Natalia, Tanya and Kanti Devi, as well as photographer Irina and organizer Galina.  Also pictured L1 teachers Oksana, Lena and Ulia.





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