TY Anatomy in Davis, CA

//TY Anatomy in Davis, CA

The weekend of February 26-27, Nandi taught Anatomy in the Flow to a wonderful group of TY teachers and interns. There were 11 participants from Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Nevada City, Sebastopol and the Davis area. Kamala organized the training. She and Jack were wonderful hosts. Everyone had a great weekend of learning and fun.

Puja and Nandi’s tools of her trade for the program.

Nandi greets students and prepares for the session.

Students enjoyed the flows while learning anatomy.

“Nandi (Kim Beecher, D.C.)presents anatomy in such a clear and fun way (Who would have thought anatomy could be fun?) that it makes remembering and applying the information easy. She covered an incredible amount of information and still left plenty of time for practicing the flow and answering our many specific questions. This class will help every level of TriYoga student from beginner to teacher. I highly recommend it!” ~Lotus Laurie Miller


...in the flow