Two TriYoga Centers Become Non-profits

///Two TriYoga Centers Become Non-profits

While TriYoga International has been a non-profit organization for several years, it is taking another step forward by allowing TriYoga Centers to become chartered as non-profit chapters under its umbrella. This allows the TY Centers to hold non-profit status at the federal level without filing all of the paperwork required to register independently. Centers must still incorporate as non-profits at the state level. Non-profit status enables the centers to accept tax-deductable donations.

The first two TYC chapters are Cedar Rapids (directed by Satyam and Narayani) and Boston (directed by Brahmi).

Kaliji signs the charter to allow TriYoga Centers to become non-profit TYC Chapters.

According to Brahmi, “Becoming a non-profit organization has enhanced the sense of community in our center. Now there are many others contributing to the center. There is a greater sense of belonging and participation. Members have organized a sidewalk sale, and are starting a knitting group which is intending to donate their creations. These are very exciting changes and help make the center a more vital part of the members’ lives. We are looking forward to growing and opening a larger center.”

Satyam says: “Our becoming a nonprofit is more genuine to our situation. We developed our studio with people supporting us. This allows us to concentrate on the flow, and keep a spiritual atmosphere. That would be challenging if we focused on making ourselves profitable by bringing in a variety of styles, other exercise systems, or by selling personalities. We provide a place to learn and deepen the practice of TriYoga at a reasonable price. We have a full range of classes. We even chant. Nonprofit status will allow us to raise awareness of what we do in new ways. It provides a different connection to the community. In ancient traditions the idea of paying for yoga is suspect. Here in our part of the world we have to adapt that tradition in ways that work, so this is a process of finding a flowing path that leads to a new formation.”

Brahmi is happy to speak with anyone interested in the process of opening a non-profit center.

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