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For those new to TriYoga and for those who want to strengthen their core alignments, Basics is the necessary foundation for all classes. It is also a complete practice in itself. Bolsters, pillows and other props can be used in all levels to ensure comfort and alignment.

Levels 1 to 5

Each level includes five series that gradually progress to teach all the postures of that level. Beginning with Basics, each level is a prerequisite for the next level. Additional information is in the Class Guidelines.

TriYoga for All Ages

TriYoga: Kids, Teens, Family, Seniors. TriYoga is for everyone of all ages and stages of life. All benefit from being in the flow. Kaliji has produced and directed DVDs for Kids, Teens, Family and Seniors. In the TriYoga for Everyone manual, TriYoga Flows are written for these age groups. Individual booklets on these and other topics are available.

Natural Alignment

Natural Alignment classes include an in-depth understanding of alignment, correct use of props, and the benefits of the postures.

Earth Flow Free the Hips

This class focuses on hips to toes to create greater health and vitality in the pelvic region, hips, legs, feet and toes.

Water Flow Free the Spine

This class emphasizes wavelike spinal movements that increase strength, flexibility and energy in the spine as well as the chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms and hands.

Trinity Practice

Trinity Practice has a threefold emphasis on posture, rhythmic breathing techniques and meditation. Experience in TriYoga Flows and breathing practices is recommended to gain the full benefit of the practice.


This intensive is a perfectly paced extended practice – a special opportunity to let go into the flow.

Partner Stretch

A partner helps one to go deeply into a posture to increase flexibility and relaxation. Come alone or bring a friend. the flow