Benefits and Medical Facts

//Benefits and Medical Facts
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Benefits of TriYoga Practice include:

  • Accelerate the transformation of body, mind, and spirit;
  • Increase flexibility, strength, and endurance for healthy muscles, tendons, and ligaments;
  • Develop a supple spine and a dynamic nervous system;
  • Maximize the power of digestion, assimilation, and elimination;
  • Invigorate the immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems;
  • Purify and strengthen the vital organs and glandular system;
  • Awaken positive qualities such as emotional balance, mental clarity, and self-confidence;
  • Illuminate the intellect to higher understanding and the realization of intuitive knowledge;
  • Expand awareness allowing the energy to flow.


Benefits of TriYoga Flows

Benefits of TriYoga Flows

by Kim Beecher, D.C
…Although yoga is far more than just exercise, if viewed as an exercise workout, the TriYoga Flows are ideal.

Benefits of TriYoga Flows

Medical Facts on the Benefits of Yogaflow®

by Miguel Rivera, M.D.
…The yoga intervention was associated with greater improvements in mood and anxiety than the metabolically matched walking exercise.

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