Basics Teacher Training in Xi’An, China

///Basics Teacher Training in Xi’An, China

Basics Certification in Xi’An

March 18-23, 2016


A new Basics Teacher Training group in Xi’An, China!  The training began on a full moon and completed on a full moon– over 20 people joined each day, including new interns and certified teachers looking to refine their understanding.  The training was originally planned to take place in the TYC, but as enrollment grew, they returned to Samadhi Yoga Studio which has hosted TYTTs in previous years, and has a bigger room for many flow-ers.

With the first 120hs foundation Kiki built, Chandra’s 31 years experience helped the whole group deepen and polished their knowledge very much!


The first TYTT in China in 2016!


This is the third year of TYTT in Xi’an, and it shows that the local teachers are sharing TriYoga throughout their city. The new group showed their great concentration from day 1, throughout the training.  Kiki (left) and TYC Xi’An director YuFeng (center) are continually planning new events and programs for TriYoga.XianSkypeSkype with Kaliji was a highlight for all– each student got to express directly their gratitude and the benefits they received from their TriYoga practice and study.


Chandra also took time to visit the sites of Xi’An, an ancient capital city of China, and appreciated the rich culture there.

She got to ring one of the temple bells.

Chandra is hosted by TYC Director Yu Feng, and Tina joins as translator as Chandra begins a Level 1 teacher training here.

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