TriYoga Workshops in Beijing

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Gina completed her recent trip to China with a series of workshops in Beijing, China. Over 20 students attended the “three-day journey” from Level 1 to Level 3. After the workshops, several students asked about joining TY teacher trainings.

The workshops were hosted by Jie Yoga, which has five locations with 2000+ members. Owner Sun Jie was so impressed with TY that she wants to host upcoming TYTTs and add TY classes to the schedule.

Student Lei Yin is 74 years old, shown here in the Level 3 workshop.

Newly certified Level 3 teacher Xue Bing (Sherry) traveled from Shenzhen to join the workshops.

The group enjoyed a vegan meal together.

TY teacher trainer Zhang Li (in silver) provided assistance and interpretation.

Cindy has begun her first TY Level 2 teacher training with 12 interns.

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