TriYoga with Yogini Kaliji in Portland

///TriYoga with Yogini Kaliji in Portland

PortlandGroupYogini Kaliji presented an inspiring TriYoga program in Portland, Oregon the weekend of November 20-22, 2015.
The program included asana, pranayama mudra, meditation, jnana and satsanga. Organized by Rajani and Latika, it was attended by a large group of both longtime TriYogis and new students and was held at the Sunset Athletic Club. Nandi and Gita assisted.


KALIJI and Nandi were hosted  by TriYoga friends Dede and Joe (pictured above, wearing his Mercury Max t-shirt) in their lovely home, including an amazing satsanga and huge delicious vegan potluck banquet.

KJi_Nandi_PortlandNandi enjoyed the celebration of her birthday!

Portland was the first location outside of Santa Cruz that Kaliji offered TriYoga programs and she returns annually.

Organizer Rajani writes:
“Thank you for traveling to be with us here in Portland.  The weekend was
absolutely wonderful!
Thank you for teaching us, increasing our understanding of the depth &
richness of TriYoga!
Thank you for the wisdom of how to live that you share so beautifully with

I feel so grateful and amazed at the same time to have you in my life.”KJI_Portland
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