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Santoshi was in Macau, China from March 23–April 8 for a full program of TriYoga Basics Certification, YogaFlow workshops, and a special 50-hour teacher training that included Physical and Subtle Anatomy, Prana Vidya, and Ahimsa Lifestyle.

The training was organized by Wen Ying (left) and YogaWorld owners (and TriYoga teachers) Sabrina and Dano.  Kiki has been in Macau since November for Basics and Level 1 teacher trainings, and regular classes and workshops at Yoga World.  She was also translator for all of Santoshi’s programs.

Wen Ying met Kaliji at the Evolution Asia Yoga Conference and has been a dedicated TriYoga student and teacher ever since.  She traveled two hours each way to attend teacher trainings in Shenzhen as a student, and has been organizing workshops and teacher trainings in Macau since 2015.

Congratulations to new TriYoga Teachers: A Man, Rebecca, Mavins, Anna, Celina, Connie, Sabrina, Emily, Sam Sam and Vanessa!

This was the second Basics Teacher Training in Macau: all the students also have full-time jobs, so training days were only held on weekends.  Some students would go directly from class to work.


The 50-hours training included teachers from Macau and Hong Kong, and four teachers from Mainland China who attended from Shenzhen. Travel between the two regions requires special permission, so teachers had to plan well in advance.




As part of the Ahimsa Lifestyle course, the group shared a potluck vegan lunch with each student bringing a separate dish. There was much discussion and sharing of recipes and ideas in the class WeChat (social media) group before and after the meal.

The group also included several families: sisters Celina and Connie, niece Rebecca and sisters (and aunts) SamSam and Wendy, and sisters Su Zhen and Su Na from Shenzhen are all TriYoga teachers and attended the 50-hour training together.

Wen Ying loves Macau and organized several sightseeing events, including a double-decker bus tour!  Macau is an autonomous region of China with its own language, currency, government, and legalized gambling.  There are large Las Vegas-like casinos with grand architecture and decorations, and colorful light and water displays.  The group enjoyed the fresh air and the “nāda paśyantī” of the entertainment.



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