TriYoga with Kaliji in Pennsylvania

///TriYoga with Kaliji in Pennsylvania

The weekend of Oct. 26-28, Kaliji traveled to Philadelphia, PA. Approaching Hurricane Sandy did not stop long-time TriYogis and new friends from all over PA, MA, NY, VA from attending the programs.


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Yogaflow, Prana Vidya were accompanied by Kaliji’s flow of Jnana (yoga wisdom), and her unique sense of humor. Dr G supported the Jnana flow with scientific facts on the benefits of Yoga lifestyle. All enjoyed the beautiful location of the programs, the Women’s Club of Bala Cynwyd.


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Kaliji demonstrated many ways to flow and the use of props for all to enjoy the experience.

Kaliji’s visit was organized by the founder of TriYoga Center of Philadelphia, Citrini. Citrini is expecting her third baby, and says that TriYoga has helped her through every pregnancy without any discomfort or complications. During each pregnancy, Citrini maintained her practice and continued teaching TY classes until labor began, and this one is not an exception. She assisted and demonstrated (often advanced levels) throughout the weekend and took photos.


Kaliji with Citrini (left) and Theresa (right), founder of TriYoga Central PA.


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Alignment assistance was also offered by Brahmi, Theresa and Ganga… all had a great time together.


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On Saturday evening, Citrini welcomed everyone at her house for a vegan potlock and Satsanga. Citrini’s husband, Chris, an emergency room doctor, contributed a variety of incredible dishes to the vegan table. The delicious food for the body was followed by the “delicious food for the soul” – chanting with Kaliji.

At bottom are Citrini and Chris with their sons Jonathan and Gabriel.

On Sunday, Hurricane Sandy was on its way. Kaliji’s flight was one of the last to leave Philadelphia, before its airport was closed for the storm. Kaliji left all inspired and filled with an inner joy that did not dissipate even in the face of worsening weather conditions.

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