TriYoga with Kaliji in Pennsylvania ~ April 2012

///TriYoga with Kaliji in Pennsylvania ~ April 2012

Kaliji continued her 37-day tour in State College, PA. Always in the flow, Kaliji’s plane landed in PA at 11:08pm
(108 is an auspicious number in yoga).

Theresa Shay, TriYoga teacher and founder of the TriYoga Center of Central PA, her husband Glenn, and TY student Scott came to the airport to greet Kaliji and assistants Dr. G, Ganga and Eva-Maria.

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Central PA is a beautiful place of expansive nature and rolling hills.

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The classes included Yogaflow, Prana Vidya, Jnana (Yoga Philosophy) and chanting, accompanied by Mercury Max on vocals and drums. Mercury, master of Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound), also chanted mantras during yoga nidra, taking everybody deeper into relaxation and meditation.

TY teachers Theresa, Eva-Maria, Jean, Katya, and Ganga offered alignment assistance, and Gita gave a demonstration. Dr. G shared medical research on the benefits of each aspect of the TY lifestyle.

On April 11th everyone celebrated Kaliji’s birthday. Actually, the celebration began a day earlier, because this year Kaliji’s birthday according to vedic astrology was on April 10th. On both days at 11:27 am (the time Kaliji was born), all sang the Happy Birthday song, clapping and dancing along.

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The birthday party took place on the evening of April 11th and was attended by over 80 people. Glenn welcomed Kaliji to the party with a beautiful speech. After an exceptional vegan meal and a birthday cake designed with a TY logo as icing, the TYC of Central PA presented Kaliji with a scrapbook of their Happy Birthday wishes and thanks for her presence, wisdom and the gift of TY.

TriYogis from all over the world made Happy Birthday videos and designs for Kaliji. Those clips and pictures were put together into a movie by Ganga and showed at the celebration party. You can watch the movie here. Afterwards, Kaliji shared more jnana, more laughter, more chanting, and more dancing.

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There was time for pictures as well…

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On the last evening, Prasann Salkar, Kaliji’s tabala teacher, gave a performance via skype. All enjoyed his mastery, as well as listening to Kaliji practicing this melodious drum.

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