TriYoga with Kaliji in Central PA

//TriYoga with Kaliji in Central PA
For the past 3 years Kaliji has celebrated her April 11 birthday at the TriYoga Center of Central PA. This year she will be in Australia to attend Sri Swamiji’s concert at the Sydney Opera house on April 6, so the annual visit to PA was scheduled for February 26–March 1, 2015.

The program included Yogaflow, Prana Vidya, Jnana and lots of fun! Practical yogic wisdom accompanied by irresistible laughter were part of each session.

Theresa, founder and director of TYC of Central PA, senior-teacher Nandi, D.C. (CA) and Ganga (FL) offered alignment assistance. Nandi also shared her knowledge of TY Anatomy in the flow. Theresa and Gita demonstrated.

Saturday evening featured a vegan dinner followed by a party. It has become a custom to open this event with a beautiful speech by Glenn. This time he referred to Kaliji’s teaching on Yoga Sutras earlier that day and asked all to hold the precious moment of NOW where we can realize the Bliss that is ours always and also to celebrate the NOW in the presence of the teacher. …and when the teacher is in town — time for a party!

The vegan feast was followed by a photo slideshow on the life and growth of this TYC. A heartfelt poem to TriYoga and other thoughts were presented by Nathaniel (see below). Specially handcrafted puja threads were created by Sarah. And then music! Kaliji played tabla, Theresa on harmonium, leading chants and Ganga on bells. Scott and Jill, local TY teachers and tabla students of Prasann Salkar, also joined.

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Poem & thoughts by Nathaniel ~ “Inwardly”

Inwardly, we each have our own sense of what this practice that Kaliji brings to us means.
I want to just take a moment to marvel at some of the magnificent manifestations that it gives:

In this community, we enjoy

  • The intuitive touch behind a simple assist.
  • The comfort in the quiet when we open our eyes.
  • The vital sight, smell, and taste of plants that nourish, sustain, and delight.
  • The thoughtful toil, love, and light behind each step of preparation, execution, and cleanup.
  • The resonant release of shared vibrations.
  • To look across this room and see no one but kindred souls.

To our larger community we share

  • The patience of mindful breath with our co-workers.
  • The swell of energy we bring to our families.
  • The softness in our faces, and the light in our eyes, as we greet each and every one we encounter throughout our day.

Last year, during our Centre Gives fundraising campaign, we raised more than $7,500 in gifts, and over $1,300 in matching funds and prizes. This year, the days to give are 6am Tuesday, May 5 through 6pm Wednesday, May 6. As a trustee of TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania, I can tell you this community is ripe for some big things in 2015, and ALL of your gifts, no matter their form, are deeply appreciated.

It turns out this practice is doing more than changing us; it’s changing our world.

Jai Guru Devi


Theresa wrote the following in the newsletter, sent right after the program.

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Kaliji made her annual trip to the TYC Central PA! As always, flow-ers from all over the East Coast (and even Nandi from Santa Cruz!) came together to enjoy Kaliji’s flow.

After the visit, Theresa and the TY Community shared:

Thank you, Kaliji!
For four amazing days in Central Pennsylvania.

You brought us so much ~
Wisdom to inspire us
Truth to remind us
Yoga Sutras to awaken us
Nandi and Ganga to align us
Prana Vidya to focus us
Salutations to energize us
Tabla to amaze us
Humor to humble us
Your smile to soften us
And your eyes to transform us into all that we truly are.
For the gift of your presence in the depth of winter, we are so grateful. Thank you for bringing us together and thank you for expanding us all. As one person said as she departed with eyes overflowing, “There really is something to this!”

With love and deep gratitude, Theresa and all the TriYoga Flow-ers in Central Pennsylvania and beyond.


East Coast winter is not a usual experience for Kaliji. She enjoyed the opportunity to see the peaceful snow covered countryside. The local community noted that once again she brought warmer days and sunshine (which was still low 20s F:-)).

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