TriYoga with Kaliji in Berlin, Germany

//TriYoga with Kaliji in Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany • March 31- April 5, 2017

Yogini Kaliji returned to Berlin, Germany for the second consecutive year for a program that included six workshops over the weekend and a Level 4 intensive during the week. All programs were booked to capacity with students from Germany and Austria, China, Denmark, England, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the USA. Teachers Rishi, Santoshi, Ganga and Kiki offered alignment assistance.

Kaliji will return to Berlin April 13-19, 2018.

Each night Yogini Kaliji joined students at a local plant-based restaurants.  Berlin has over 60 vegan restaurants, representing all styles of food for every budget. There are even two different chains of vegan grocery stores, and a totally vegan shoe store! The TriYoga group enjoyed meals at  1990 Vegan Living, Soya Vegan Kitchen, La Stella Nera, and Charlie’s.

Since Kaliji first came to Europe 12 years ago, a dedicated group of teachers and students have, through years of practice, deepened their concentration and understanding of the flow. This was evident during the Level 4 program, as the group flowed beautifully and immersed into the meditative atmosphere.

Mitradeva and Urvasi offered translation. Vegan chef Mitra (Vegan MD) also offered daily fresh juices.

Demonstrators: Eva-Maria (Germany), Angelika (TYC Graz, Austria), Peter and Tanya (TYC Vienna, Austria), Ishtar (TYC Appenzell, Switzerland), Berni (Level 2 teacher and Chant Club guitarist).



TriYoga Teacher Elena attended the 2016 Berlin program with Kaliji while pregnant with her first child. This year, she visited with her partner and beautiful baby girl who was given the Sanskrit name “Eka” by Kaliji.

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